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Advice on Mavic bearings wanted - PLEASE


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Sorry for putting this under the For sale space, but this is the most  popular space ?Hubers? looking?..

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Bought a set Mavic Cosmic SL clinchers (Carbon 52 mm profile) on The Hub. (Hubs look the same as Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels. (20 spokes at back and 16 front)


The wheels are in a very good condition, but the rear hub is not that smooth as I want it to be. According to the Mavic website it has some kind of QRM+ bearings. The + means that you can adjust the bearing tension as I understand? Need some kind of tool?.


The thing is that I want to replace the bearings with new ones.


Anybody knows were I can get geniune factory fitted mavic bearings ?


Know I can go to a bearing shop and get some cheap bearing that will fit, but out of experience I know after doing that, is newer the same again?.


Can not see a support service on the the Mavic site?


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You dont have to fit the qrm bearings, what you need is a special tool but your local bike shop should have one, it almost looks like a tyre lever, if you want to you can replace the bearings with bearins from your local bearing man they are just as smooth and you can ask for good quality bearings, but you can also order the qrm bearing from ylbs and fit them yourself! the bearing man bearings will cost you 40 bucks instead of a couple of 100, if you need any help installing them, youre welcome to phone me, or if you need the qrm bearings i will organise them for you





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I was told at the lbs that I can get ceramic bearings from Bearing Man. Which is where they get them.

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I have the correct mavic bearings in stock

Call 0878079016

If you fit non qrm bearings they dont last as long because the qrm have the correct amount of free-play.



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the Mavic bearings have a 3degree of play built into the bearing. This allows for the slight forces from side to side placed on the wheel while riding. If you use "off the shelf" bearings you will ovalize the area that holds the bearings and damaged the hub.


Not adjusting the play of the QRM+ system is also the reason why some bearing fail before others. Proper maintainance = longer lasting parts.



Go here to find out how to adjust the play.
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