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Did anyone get tickets to the Super 14 final?


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SOLD OUT already!!!


Did anyone here get tickets????


There were only 3000 available. What a load of crap!!!!!!!!
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I saw on the news yesterday the breakdown:3500 general public 5300 corporate seats! so there will be 5300 fat cats who probably work for government and don't watch rugby there, half of which wont even oitch up. The Stormers only got 1000 tickets, ag shame.

But just remember, there are 13000 or so less seats at Orlando stadium.
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3500 to the public is bullshCensoredt!!! 40 000 tickets and only 3500 to the public... shocking!

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From News24:

[quote name='News24]Beeld newspaper reported that Orlando stadium' date=' where the Super 14

semi-finals were hosted last Saturday, could only accommodate 36 500



Of these, 3200 tickets went to the public, 14 000 to

seasonal ticket holders, 10 00 to box holders, 1000 to the Stormers

rugby union, 3000 to the Blue Bulls rugby union and 5300 to rugby

officials including team management, referees, sponsors, suppliers and

SA Rugby.[/quote']

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