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  1. do we need to be currently using a varia? is that in order to get a comparison?
  2. So this seems the best place to ask the question of what this is worth: SRAM XX Carbon crank. BB30 Came off my Cannondale flash. As can be seen from the photos, has some damage but has been like that for 10000km if not more. What could i realistic ask for this crank or should i have it repaired first? TIA
  3. anyone know where candice is in the race?
  4. Anyone know what/who caused the accident that took out Evenpoel, Nibali, and caused Ciccone to chase so hard and eventually blow up?
  5. Does anyone have one of these lying around collecting duct? I cannot justify the price of a new one (R450 for 2) as i only need 1! I look forward to good news!
  6. I wanted to reach 12000km and 150000m for the year. My stats: 298 active days 560 hours 13010 km 170363m Managed just over 5000km for commuting for 6 months. Was aiming for 10000km but Covid put paid to that. Will be aiming for the same again this year. ????
  7. R650. Cannot wait for this race again. Can't wait to see if i can better my 5:40 time. Hopefully not to hot
  8. Just realised, that this is for 6 months worth of commuting. Imagine what could have been achieved for a full year
  9. My last day commuting will be next week Thursday/Friday. Will hopefully crack the 5000km but won't catch mr Number 1.
  10. Reviving a old thread here: anyone got a gpx file for tulbagh mtb?
  11. Reviving a old thread quick: If one does the 4 passes MTB route, can one incorporate Hans se Kop and A2Z trails? Where would I buy a pass for the A2Z trails?
  12. if you on FB, there is a group called "Lego buy/sell trade ZA South Africa"
  13. I have to agree with you re the Pros. But it is what it is
  14. My round trip is 50km and about 600m elevation. I am currently in 2nd and absolutely loving been able to ride to work again. That said, rain or shine, commuting is awesome.
  15. Where did they say, no timing? I only got my prego roll when i asked the waitress, why the cyclist dont get any food!!
  16. Does anyone know anyone who lost their mtb on the N2 just outside Somerset West on their way to this event (I assume this event)?
  17. Thanks for much guys for the feedback. Going to purchase a single bib pair to test but i don't see it being an issue using this kit based on this feedback.
  18. Anyone done any MTB rides over 6 hours with their Vye kit? Looking at custom kit for the epic and these are well priced. Any and all feedback appreciated.
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