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How to make my Merida Lighter?


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Buy a (insert your favourite bike brand here) !


Ok I can't change my bike but whats the most cost effective way to shed some weight.




Hardtail Merida Matts LX Champion

XT shifters and DRs

BB bearing is a std (ie not external)

Not great wheels

Hydraulic RNCYC (I think) brakes


I think the wheel set is the best place to start.


If so what would you suggest, considering value for money?


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Hey RobMobius (I am sure I remember this nickname from the Kiteboarding forums?) If so then you are in for a whole new way of spending too much money on something new and upgrading.

What really dropped some weight of my bike was going for a tubeless conversion with lighter tires. Quality tires also makes the ride feel so much better, and if I am not mistaken the Merida comes with Rancheros. Man I hated those tires... Dukeblue2007-09-07 02:29:36
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Guilty as charged, one in the same. Kiteboarding and now mountain biking!. I needed something to get me thru the winter. I am hooked!


I must say I am not convinced about tubeless. The weight saving is minimal. By the time you have pumped the tire full of the slime you are almost back to the weight of having a tube.


I have also come to the rescue to 2 riders on 2 separate races who had blow out with tubeless tyres. They ended up using my spare tubes to get home.


My Merida was built up so there is not a single std Merida feature except the frame. But my wheels are heavy so when the budget allows, that will be my first weight saving change. The a lighter crank and bearing I think.


I am using cross mark on the back wheel and hutchinson cameleon on the front.


See you on the water and on the single track


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you actually have a nice bike, not sure making it lighter will be worth the cost, youll need to go for mavics or xtr wheels at R7k plus, rather look for a nice secondhand

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