Some of you will remember the similar posts from 2011 and 2012.

In 2013 we once again saw some great growth in our web stats. We remain one of the top 10 South African sports sites and the leading cycling website by a long way (according to Effective Measure rankings). Recently it was also announced that based on average visit duration we're ranked 3rd among ALL South African websites.

While the numbers are positive, unfortunately 'The Meltdown' of May 2013 saw us lose a good chunk of data from the first quarter of the year. This affected almost all the numbers shown here quite dramatically. Once we began to come to terms with the lost content and the many v2.0 threads began taking shape, the knock-on effect of less traffic from searches began to show it's head. Thankfully we've still shown positive growth figures for the year and have since made a very strong recovery!

2014 will see us soaring further ahead from this point with some exciting new developments on the horizon. But, before we get into that take a brief look back at 2013 to see how things stacked up.

Thanks for all the support.