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  1. Cool dog. You win the round today because of her (?) Is this somewhere around Swellendam? Part of me is thinking it's there, and another part keeps on nagging about Hemel en Aarde, but the mountains are too tall for that neck of the woods.
  2. I agree with both of you's - I am just pointing out the missed perspective to folks who deem a gravel bike to be THE ONE bike to beat them all. A road bike is king on the road, a TT bike is king on a time trial, a gravel bike is king on any flat road that is not tar, a xc bike is king on singletrack - you get the point. I am somewhat taking the piss, I'll freely admit, but I do appreciate all forms of cycling and if adulting wasn't so hard I'd have one of each - road, gravel, xc, enduro, heck even a singlespeed / fixie. Point I'm trying to make is I don't think ONE bike adequately covers all the above genre's perfectly. Sure, they will get you by on most rides, but not as good as you would on the preferred tool of choice.
  3. only because I gave him some tips and pointers first...😆
  4. I was waiting for someone to post a reply. I reckon it is possible to do a run down Armageddon or even (heaven forbid) Plumber on a gravel bike, but I'm not volunteering hey.
  5. Not mine though - grabbed it from EWC - I am toying with pulling the Enduro Jonkershoek trigger end of October. I am lus for some serious tech.
  6. Done 3 x Karoo to Coasts to date. Once on a hardtail. The corrugations made my ass as lame as its ever been. The full-suspension by contrast was like riding on a cloud. I can only imagine how kuk it must be to ride that on a gravel bike as far as discomfort goes. But to each their own. You would feel a tool to ride that on your 140mm Pyga, but you would also feel like a tool when you suddenly find yourself confronted by some epic, techy singletrack and all you have is a gravel bike. Sure, you'd manage - but when I get to the bottom I'm not stopping, and I'm guessing neither would you? You see, the gravel bike does tar okay, gravel good - and that's it. MTB does tar and gravel okay, everything else, good - and that's the difference.
  7. If one lives anywhere that is not either Cape Town, George, Knysna, Plett or Karkloof I can understand the desire to confuse a gravel bike with a mountain bike. But for those of us who have been fortunate enough to ride real mountains and trails... Do I really need to expand on that?
  8. I'm not holding my breath. I have decided not to enter events anymore until the state of emergency has been lifted and masks are no longer required. It may take a year, it may take ten, it may never happen. Either way, I ride for the pure fun of it now with a like minded group of mates. We don't need events anymore, we have enough joy in our group.
  9. I was smashing PR's all the way to Spez Bona on the day. That also ended up being the day I almost pushed my bike up the hill on Wellington from Graanendal side. I stopped under those trees for nearly 20 minutes working up the courage to pedal that hill - which in cycling terms is more of a bump. Massive bonk, partly due to the wind from hell.
  10. I rode here once. I started at Sunningdale and did a round-about ride to Meerendal, up the Dorstberg and down, and then up to Spez Bona before turning left and heading out this way. When I finally turned I got a devil wind in my face. That was the one time I finally relented by the time I reached Bloemendal and called my wife to come fetch me. I've never bothered since. You road riders have my respect.
  11. Finally we can say adieu to the coldest winter Cape Town has had in many years. I'm normally a winter person, but I'm just about ready for summer now. Yay.
  12. It is indeed a lovely day. I was up early this morning wanting to ride but digressed as I was not in the mood to peeve the missus with waking our 3 y.o. at 5am. I normally prep the day before, but have not done so in a while. Don't you just hate these bridges with the 90 degree corners 😆
  13. I've suffered some nasty concussion from a fall and can attest to the uphill battle to recover from a brain injury. 5 years downstream and I still have moments of foggy confusion now and then. The one thing I take away from that injury is that head protection is paramount, and you should not skimp on a helmet. I'd rather look like a doosh wearing some ill matching kit than wear the best bibs, jerseys and shoes and have a el-cheapo helmet on my head. I am willing to fork out good money on a helmet every time.
  14. I've had Giro and Bell previously. The Giro survived a nasty crash and the Bell died after I slipped in sand and plonked backwards and bumped it on a hidden tree stump. Sure, it protected my head, so job well done, but the lid was toast after that. It split right down the middle. I try not imagine how my skull would have split sans the helmet. I replaced the Bell with a Leatt trail helmet and that has survived after I went down earlier this year smashing my head laterally into the ground as I slid along the sidewalk. Very careful inspection has revealed no damage. I know I should probably replace it, and I intend to, but I'm saving up for a full-face as I ride more gravity and enduro oriented trails lately and find myself less on the flat and smooth stuff.
  15. Second hand helmets and second hand underwear seem related to me in that both should be avoided at all costs. I dunno, personal preference, but I can't get over the idea that I am being expected to wear a helmet that someone wore on their head and got all sweaty in and put it on my pip...something about that sounds off to me.
  16. This is my pet peeve. Service agents thinking they can sommer plak their *** on my property. Unless they compensate me for sponsoring their dealership they can use their stickers to stick their ass cheeks together for all I care. a very firm NO from me.
  17. Hoogekraal on a windy day - turns out jumping is not a good idea when the wind is coming from the side. I nearly bought the farm on a few jumps landing way off-kilt. After a good few scares, I cashed in my chips and left the casino with my honour and skin intact.
  18. Thanks Tim. I pray she recovers fully. That was a horrible crash. It looked like she landed squarely on her head at speed. I was sure she injured her neck but glad she seems to not have that as well.
  19. Anyone have an update on Jess Blewitt? She had a massive crash and looked very hurt.
  20. Some say that Lewis watches this clip each night and cries himself to sleep while reminiscing about all the what-ifs and could-have-been's provided he was a real man.
  21. It must suck to be Hamilton, knowing that despite all your world-titles, you will never attain the lofty heights that Schumi has in his illustrious career. I was also a big F1 fan in the days of Schumi and when Lewis started I was still keen, but his arrogant manner just put me off for probably the last 12 or so years. The current crop of riders is making it more enjoyable, and if I am honest, it's mostly due to Drive to Survive on Netflix. I watched the entire season and caught up quickly with what's happening. I still stand for Ferrari as my team I support, but I enjoy individuals like Ricciardo, Noris, Verstappen, Botas, Alonso, Raikonnen and maybe Russel (primarily because I think he's the spark that will ignite the bomb under Hamilton's arrogance - I don't see Russel backing off from Hamilton, and I also don't see Toto caring too much either. I suspect he's playing the long game with Russell, knowing that Lewis is at the end of his stint)
  22. I had zero side-effects other than the typical sore arm for a day. I did however get tired much quicker and for the first time in a long time my legs absolutely refused to cooperate after doing the full Hoogekraal run (up, Cobra, mainline descent) and then sessioning the skills park for about 2 hours after. But that could also be because of my really hitting the big jumps hard trying to clear them all (close, so close - the solution to that puzzle is near to be solved).
  23. I got the spuit last week Monday. On Saturday I was sessioning the crap out of Hoogekraal Skills Park and threw in some Cobra for some giggles...😲 You're saying I was not meant to be? I never knew this.
  24. I was actually wanting the J&J vac myself, but I managed to just miss out. My wife got it, and I have 1 of 2 Pfizer. 2nd due mid October or thereabouts.
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