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  1. My wife and myself would just like to start earlier Her index went from 141 to 80 and mine went from 151 to 73 my goal is sub 4 So we still got tons of work to get anywhere close to 25......LOL
  2. AHH that's my answer.....Thanks I always thought to be in a certain group you had to seed in a certain range to qualify for that group
  3. Thanks for the reply but it doesn't answer my question as it shows results Prior to the race you get allocated a group based on your seeding, what seed puts you in what group ? I'm not too clued up on all these things
  4. Does anyone have a table that roughly indicates what group you could possibly start in based on your seeding ? Or let me ask this in another way, what seeding would you need to be to get into groups 3 / 4 / 5 etc ? The best part about this years cycle tour was the low entry numbers, what a pleasant ride all the way with no "traffic"
  5. Good day, just wanted to know what the cycling culture is like in New Zealand. Any feedback ? Currently I reside in CT and there are lots of routes to cycle here, mainly road cycling Considering a move to NZ and wanted to know about the cycling over there Thanks
  6. After how many tours are you no longer a "noobie" ?
  7. Basically flat .... you ignored Edinburgh drive ....
  8. You will receive it at the expo when you collect your number
  9. I hope everyone sees this STOP USING OLX THAT SITE IS A CESSPOOL OF SCAMS
  10. But that means the money never really reflected as available in your account You only release goods once its available Sorry for your loss
  11. There was also problems on Monday and it was resolved the next morning
  12. Blackheath but stay in the southern suburbs Only 24kms but every route is a death trap
  13. I've been through 3 retrenchments here at work and survived all 3 thank goodness. No increases or bonus payments in 3 years. Its not good but hey I'm still employed Wish I could cycle to work and remove a vehicle but my route to work is extremely dangerous
  14. Their other events have got some scary entry fees I'm wondering if joining ppa was worth it
  15. Looks like I was successful logged in now and it shows paid
  16. Yeah I saw the replies on Facebook
  17. Says payment failed but the full amount was deducted from my account
  18. Anyone having problems entering ?
  19. Well PPA is now on special for R100 for the year Thats a good deal
  20. Oh yeah its official 10th October
  21. Its not called hospital bend for jokes....
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