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  1. Jeeze. Just heard the news. Gutted for all the athletes!
  2. Seen some reports of hectic swells? Well done on the great times, guys!
  3. This thing seems like it is not worth the effort. Just imagine: "Hey, guys. We need a pit stop." *Gets off bike. Digs around in jersey for thingy. Drops shorts to somehow position it properly (hopefully somewhere hidden).* *Proceeds to pee.* *Throws the silicone thingy on the ground* (sies) Squatting seems much easier, and 100% more environment friendly.
  4. Well, at least the athletes received a fair amount of notice. Saw some other IM event switch out their nutrition partner two weeks before the race. IIRC it was IM UK and the switch was from High 5 to Infinit. Athletes were complaining about how stupidly expensive it was compared to the High 5. Hopefully it is more available than High 5.
  5. It's not uncommon at all really. I very firmly believe the cycling community is a great one, and we tend to look out for each other. Kudos to everyone who helped though. I have personally been helped by a few individuals and by the gent driving the Cycle Lab Fourways escort vehicle.
  6. What is happening with Suzie Cheetham? Are Ryf and Charles just completely outshining her? From her Instagram: What a classy lady.
  7. That positioning looks uncomfortable. I can't imagine hanging onto the bars like that for 90km, never mind 180km. They must have tested this set up in a wind tunnel and found it is slightly faster. Looks very odd. The bar concept looks very cool. I would be a little concerned about safety and reliability of moving parts on the front end of my bike.
  8. I swear, getting back into the swing of things is harder than the actual sessions. Been away for like 4 months from it all, and contemplating doing a 6 month build to Durban. But keep things light and with a goal to finish.
  9. In awe of the guys that can share the same field with them.
  10. We really shouldn't be surprised. Just take a look at American politics. https://hustleless.com/2018/08/22/your-epic-quest-can-turn-into-a-pr-nightmare-without-a-clear-message/ Don't support her one bit any longer.
  11. I ride a roadie but I swear by my ISM. Get fitted with Marc Price at Troisport. He is an avid MTBer and Roadie too, and best in the business.
  12. Got this via WhatsApp from one of my triclub members: 14 Aug 2018: Some information from Cradle meeting / Conserv Security after shooting incident and numerous other incidents relating to visitors in Cradle Immediate Action plan by Conserv Security & Concerns Objective is to improve Cradle security and visibility in area to create safe area for community and visitors (cyclists, runners, tourists) Will add signage with 24hour emergency contact number all over cradle area A response vehicle in area branded “the tourists friend” with first aid personnel on board CCTV footage in strategic places in and around cradle area with License Plate Recognition SAPS to be more visible over weekends Social media communications platforms including FB, WhatsApp Groups etc Draw up SLA’s with Emergency services and SAPS Seek funding and sponsorships from public, tourist industry and cycling fraternities. Inform Cradle community when there’s races in Cradle Possible fee in future to assist with costs in area ( possibly cyclists as well). Conserv Emergency Call in : 0836551315 and 0834546528. WhatsApp : 0834880400 Don’t cycle alone and try to be more than 2 Report suspicious activities asap A FB page will be created by Cradle Community There’s an App called My SOS that everyone must download for cyclists / runners - Very user friendly. Cradle Community to engage with cycling clubs with changes and plans in the area.
  13. And how does one tell if the broker is not pushing his/her own preferred insurance companies? It's like with financial advisors who push only the products in their portfolio, and make BS claims.
  14. I couldn't make it due to work commitments. Anyone else go?
  15. I throw them into a drawer. Will hang them on a nice hangar when I get round to setting up my pain cave properly.
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