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  1. IMHO lots of the recommendations seems directed to bikes used for more technical riding than what Mr Mol would use it for; adding bling to the build, but also weight and not giving the ideal ride for his application. Typical case of nice to look at, but no real difference between any other "new" bike his had. Something longer, with less progressive geometry and travel not more than 120 front and 100mm rear would be my recommendation.
  2. Something like this with a bit of 12k twill paint by Jared...and a F34 upfront, obviously also custom painted and colour matched to some classic CK parts.
  3. Hi 45, we would love to give you a hand with the prototype. You can drop me a line at millar@calculus-bikes.com
  4. For those asking; yes this is one of ours. Super cool project we did with MUNGA specific details such as: - 5x Bottle cages on the frame. - Custom geo. - 650b 2.8" rear wheel, and 29er front with the Lauf. Last said feature is really interesting and worked a charm keeping the rider body in tact on the famous "sinkplaat".
  5. Hi Dylan, thanks for the shout-out. Looking forward to get you riding on your CALCULUS asap. Nice and racy geometry on this project for a gravel.
  6. Amazing what a bit of bungy cord can help with. Good Principal to keep in mind is F=MxA with force being not only a function of the mass, but also acceleration. With the front wheel moving a lot more up-and down than the main triangle the bosses/strap-on keeping those bottles in place has to work a lot harder. Hence its an option to have it on a touring bike where you are less likely to have 150km of un-interrupted sinkplaat. Just an engineering preference IMHO.
  7. Hi, yes we considered the fork mounted option, but for gravel/off road its a terrible place to add weight with increase in un-sprung weight of the front wheel, poor handling and lot of unnecessary stress on the fork. Since we know the exact measurement of the rider the side bottles are moved quite high up on the down tube and out of the way of the riders knees. GM will have to comment on how they feel in a full-speed sprint...
  8. Good Q, Mostly to keep rider fresh and isolated from the RSA corrugations. This way we get 80% of the advantage of a dual in a HT chassis. This bike can also take a 29er, so there is the flexibility to change to a different wheel based on the ride.
  9. Hi All. Its always great to see a plan come together on these projects. Designing for the MUNGA is always fun as its such a unique race and every rider has their own recipe for what they want from their bike. With this one we indeed pushed a new boundary for in-frame hydration with space for five bottles and the "mullet" design. Not easy (and had to compromise some branding space ;-) but happy to do it in the name of applied sciences). https://www.instagram.com/p/B25-ePVHydU/ Let us know if you have any more Q about the design. Thanks for all the comments and happy riding!
  10. Thanks everyone, please keep eyes open for her on the roads, and ...Gumtree!
  11. Stolen: CALCULUS WhiteStone 2019 When: 20 September 2019 Where: Hermanus, Stolen from van. Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
  12. Some feedback on the HUNTS: Wheels have been ridden the last two weeks and have really enjoyed them. The overall ride feel is that of a high quality set of wheels. Certainly not your ordinary OEM wheel sets shipped often even with higher end bikes. The Aero 30's are also impressively light witch also adds to their feeling of speed. The depth of 30mm and wider profile of 30c tires has also been a very good combination for high wind rides where the deeper section require constant counter steering in the gusts. All in, very happy with the wheels thus far and looking forward to many more miles with them.
  13. Thanks, we chatted to them about a B2B price given they only go onto our frames.
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