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  1. Email Hannes: superfit@telkomsa.net
  2. Email Hannes superfit@telkomsa.co.za 3 entries available
  3. Email Hannes superfit@telkomsa.co.za 3 entries available
  4. Don't think it makes much of a difference. They fitted it and he paid and it should have been done right the first time round.
  5. And this is.....? O ja... to sit in front of the TV instead of on your bike while the other riders are battling in the mountains.. This is CRAZEEE.
  6. Thanx for everyones help. Tarmac your 4part breakdown was super. Sias: I tried swallowing but that was not as easy as you made it sound. Had a nice ride. This weekend I am planning to do a little better as I now know what to expect.
  7. Doing my first time trial this weekend. Any tips?
  8. Met a cycling enthusiast that assited me with a program. He does it for the love of the sport (only R100 per month) and it surely helped me quite a bit. I could see the change within a month. For the first time I realised its all about quality and not quantity. But I would NOT pay R2400. I am definitely not planning on becomming a world champ.
  9. Will also try for a sub4 if weather is good. Maybe if you buy the bike now you will reach your goal easier.
  10. AA for me. Up from PE last year. Not to bad for my second Argus
  11. My bike's front wheel came loose from the trailor rack and we lost it somewhere near Durban, after riding the Amashova. Outsurance did not have any issues even though the wheel was "lost" and not stolen. They bought me a new set of wheels as we could not get the same rim as the one I lost. Best service ever. Must say that this was my first claim in 7 years.
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