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  1. If anyone is looking for a great lens..... https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/93494-canon-ef-100-400mm-145-56/
  2. Also lost arounf 15kg on Banting. Family had a fit when they saw me after a few months. I've been stable at 85 kg's for almost a year now (first time in 25 years that I've been able to keep it stable). Still classified as overweight on BMI, but family still complains I'm too thin
  3. Anybody having problems with Zinio lately? I've been unable to download any of my subscriptions for a few days now
  4. Try Led lenser with bike bracket.......... about R480 for both. Also a very handy flashlight.
  5. Extracted or surgically removed? Sutered or not? General or Local anesthesia? Speak to your dentist / Maxillo-Facial Surgeon. He'll know what is best for you!
  6. Agree! As far as I'm concerned, Burry commented on why they didn't give "the other 36 -something" team the stage win. He replied that they gave stage win away last year and regretted it. They didn't give 360Life the win because they didn't do the work upfront to earn the win...... Burry is a young oke who has accomplished a lot but has always been humble as far as I'm concerned...... Just have a look at the way most Hubbers react and overreact on here! Give the guy a break!
  7. Do's - Enjoy! Climbing isn't that bad, pace yourself. Last race I did last year before injuring my back. Will be my first race since the injury and looking forward to a slow, pleasant ride!
  8. Amper so mooi soos die iPad.....
  9. Waste of time and money...... Made the mistake of doing this race a couple of years ago
  10. I'll be sure to run all my cycling related issues by you first @kamikaze............looks like you know it all! On top of your cycling knowledge, you obviously know a fair bit about sexuality and like a real man should, you belittle women and people that are not as manly as yourself (in your opinion at least!) Grow up!
  11. I know of a couple of guys who have written of bikes that fell from these racks............ I was lucky, only one strap came loose and I destroyed a back tyre (brand new) on my way home from Sabi Classic. Another time My bike was missing when I arrived at a training partner's farm....luckily we found the bike 1km from his house, no serious damage. Both times the bike was secured properly when I left home.....When I just got my new Spez, I melted my front tyre driving to PTA from Lowveld. I think that is only a problem with certain cars, depending on location of exhaust in relation to towbar. BUT like I said, I really mis it for those short trips to LBS etc......
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