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  1. Likewise also tested positive in December. I was lucky though. Bounced back really fast with no side effects. Right now we need to just stay motivated, positive and keep training until they make a call. No point in getting stressed out before the announcement gets made.
  2. Really holding thumbs that this one goes ahead! Im nicely fit and been putting in the hours. Its my first one so really hoping for the best. Although realistically I dont think the chances of it going ahead are very good. Especially after seeing that Around The Pot and Knysna Cycle Tour got the boot.
  3. Gents what are good glasses for cycling at night? I see some okes ride with yellow lenses. Does it make a difference? I wear contact lenses and my eyes are prone to drying out. So I need to keep the wind off them. Any tricks to stop them misting up when riding with a buff?
  4. Hi guys I have see there are a number of "Trans Talk" videos. However the only one that is available to watch is episode 1. If you google it you find plenty of other episodes but its says they are not available. So is there somewhere I can find them or have they condensed all the episodes into the one video which have linked on the website?
  5. Gents I need some of your expert advice. Myself and two mates are training for our very first Trans Baviaans in August this year. We are fairly fit. 2 of us did a 153km (2000m elevation) Fund Raiser ride a month ago and found it fairly comfortable with an average speed of just over 21kmph. Having a business to run and a wife with 4 children means training time requires planning. At the moment I am able to put in around 10 hours a week on average. That is 2-3 rides in the week with one longer ride on the weekend. Now as winter draws closer its going to get more challenging but I will cross that as it comes. My question to you is: what sort of training should we focusing on now??? We are doing the Around The Pot 100miler event in July. Any advice would be most appreciated.
  6. There is a new store in George. RA Cycles. They come from CT if I recall correctly. Mainly Cannondale with some other brands. I haven't been in there myself but I am told it very nice. I meet up with the manager, Corne on a ride and he seems like a very nice guy. I hope the store does well. Theres more than enough of a cycling market here. Its growing by the day.
  7. Yes thats quite safe to do. 90% tar road. Actually all tar road if you stay right and not go down whites road. Its only when you go past wilderness to Hoekwil that you need be with a few mates. The climb over steel bridge has seen its fair share of problems in recent times.
  8. If you in the George area go to Ride Life. They awesome bunch of guys. Nice shop and well stocked.
  9. We try to do rides as a group once or twice in the week and then a slightly longer one over the weekend. But the idea of it is that cycling alone isnt a good idea you can post when you want to ride and there will always be someone to ride with.
  10. Hy guys, im the admin on the biggest mtb whatsapp group in the area. Send me a whatsapp on 081 018 2552 and il add you to the group. There you can ask about routes and if people are going out. There are ride in every direction every day. When you go back home just exit the group. Never a good idea to cycle alone. Especially in the witfontein area and quarry. Cheers, Warren
  11. Hi Guys, I need your help. I have bought a Giant Neos GPS and and Giant Heartrate monitor (chest strap). I downloaded the Neostrack App. The computer works wonderfully, the app is fairly easy to use and works. However I cant seem to get the app to talk to my Strava account. How do you get them to sync and has anyone else had a problem?
  12. Gents I need your expert opinions. What are good side entry bottle cages? There are so many brands, shapes and sizes. Which one can you recommend?
  13. Have a look at the Momsen Vipa's! You wont be sorry.
  14. Following this post closely as im also planning to ride TB next and need to get lights pretty soon.
  15. Go look at the Momsen Vipa's. Absolutely brilliant bikes!
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