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  1. Is registration at Lourensford or will it be in Hermanus?
  2. Exactly 14 days to go gents! Im feeling great & super excited! Did some hill repearts evening on one of our local favourites (5.5km long @ 5%) See you boys soon!🕺
  3. Matt is on form and his intentions are clear. I cant wait to watch this drama unfold.
  4. Likewise man! I'm a proper lightweight! I literally smell alcohol and I fall over. Non-alcoholic beer for the win! Same great taste and no nasty effect. 😀
  5. Where did you see this? I went to look on the website but couldnt find it.
  6. Its interesting to note this must be one of very few events in the country that everyone who's done it only has only good things to say about it. The struggle these events companies face is that you can never make everybody happy. Somebody is always going to complain about something. It appears W2W is the exception. I can hardly wait!
  7. We actually very privileged to have gotten the entry to W2W by winning Squirt competition on Instagram! It was so funny we were on a ride and after seeing the w2w logo on someone's shirt discuss how awesome it would be to ride the event. I got home to find a few missed calls and a message from the lady at Squirt. We have come out of Trans Baviaans so the fitness levels are exactly where they need to be. I still can't believe that we are actually going! I'm struggling to contain my excitement! Reading this thread just makes me so much more excited!
  8. I couldn't find a thread on this year's Wine2Whales so I thought I would go ahead and create it. We are doing our first one this year (riding the chardonnay) and I cannot contain my excitement! I have heard countless stories of how amazing the event is. I think the most daunting part for me is the camping side of things. What to take, what not to take etc. Really excited for the cycling though! #gees
  9. Worth every cent! Expensive yes, but you wont be sorry.
  10. Ciovita for the win! Keep a look on OneDayOnly, every now and again they have specials. I got a bib on special last week for R1300 (normal price R1800). The bibs are all brilliant! I rode the last Trans Baviaans and my bum was the least painful part of my entire body.
  11. Not a purchase but still freaking out about winning the W2W Squirt competition on Instagram! W2W Chardonnay here we come!
  12. Anyone out here got a W2W duffel bag they would like to sell? Looking for one fairly urgently. Please feel free to whatsapp me on 081 018 2552
  13. I changed from Ikons to Ardent Race 2.35 tyres about 8 months ago. Never looked back. Very happy.
  14. Iv always used Bell helmets and love them. Good value and having had a few nasty falls have served me well.
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