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  1. Sid, thats nasty, my core is also nothing to write home about 😲😁 I would suggest clean shave, smile more for him, just be a lekka oke....
  2. On a side note, do you think there is still a chance to get into the media village, race village, in this epic. We have sponsored a certain team with branding. Would be amazing if we could get footage, pics, vids and so on. But the website says not so..
  3. I have also been looking for slightly longer socks. I bought a bunch of versus ones on takealot on special. I then bought a pair of ciovita ones, which are basically versus, but they seem a tad taller, which i prefer. So yes, i would also like a tad longer ones.
  4. Looking at your pic, bike seems to have been well used, hope you did not pay too much.
  5. Dont think many of us understand how much a bike shop can make just on repairs, services, scary scary, more than what you make selling new bikes.
  6. Few days ago, George Dam, me and a mate just having a joll.
  7. I had a few forerunners in my day, did not like the dull screen, incorrect heart rate, switched to hauwei gt, me and mommy, never looked back, LOVE THEM, 2 weeks battery life, works everytime, just my 5 cents.
  8. Hi Eddie, this polysport one looks nice, how do you recon it mounts?
  9. Hey MB, thanx for this detailed explanation 😁 I see the c6 ones are only R150, rockshocks on takealot are R250, i think for R150 you cant go wrong. Will cost me more time and effort to make one up myself, so will order and try get delivery this week, then i can test.
  10. Hi Chris, if only my fork had the screws, mine doesn't, so can't use that Syncros 😭
  11. Hi everyone. I suspect i know the answer to my question but perhaps there is a small percentage of peeps who use these small mini front mud guards, fenders, which are happy....I dont expect it to stop everything like hectic mud, but who has fitted these and what are your thoughts. What are the pro's and con's, then again, at R150 i guess i cant expect full protection. I am looking at one of these C6 ones for my sid ultimate fork. Which i had the newer forks which have the screws in so you can properly mount the syncros mini fender, but such is life, please advise.
  12. I think that is the Flux Capacitor Spindle Adjuster if i am not mistaken.
  13. These actually look dam nice. I see lower pegs centre versus higher ones edges, front back i mean. So is that how they getting some sort of 'concave' i assume? The new flat shoes also look nice, hope sole is stiff ish. Wonder what pricing will come in at...
  14. Does not make sense to me actually, seems those fins will hold mud, weird....
  15. I also checked those out, what the hek, like fins, i swear i saw other bikes with those as well.
  16. I think Yolanda was and still is a better rider in heavy tech stuff, did you see how smooth, fast, fearless she was, that is what made that race. All the other xco races were about pure fitness, strength, but this one was different.
  17. I looked at the replays again when he wiped out. At first i thought he took a different line, to the left, but looking at the slow mo's you can actually see he front wheel is down, hardly enough weight on the back, as if he thought there was a ramp. Still makes no sense, he saw the riders infront of him going over at speed, leaning back, front wheel up. Its still bad form form him to say what he said.
  18. Maybe its time to ask OP what budget is per bike 😁
  19. I have watched all the xco races this year, i honestly thought lecomte would pull away second lap and you never see her again. So happy for Neff, she almost wiped out bad on that drop off, no idea how she held that, full fork compression.
  20. Did you see the gent in the yellow evil knievel helmet lol
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