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  1. = Another great submission from bye-cycling!
  2. starclassic


    lol - That's great! Look's like Kazakh is the place you want to train for any sporting discipline! Rumour is that Astana is looking... starclassic2007-08-01 02:37:58
  3. My condolences to Ryan's family and friends.
  4. Used the same - They work fantastically! Had a really big hole, used four and they sealed it right up!starclassic2007-07-31 07:16:44
  5. I'm sure if it was Nikon gear the car would not have burst into flame!
  6. Hey Pantani - What price-range are you looking @?
  7. lol - Don't worry, I didn't have a clue either - Just google it and you will receive!
  8. THE FAMOUS THIRD TESTICLE: The cytologic and histologic findings from two cases of perineal nodular indurations observed in two cyclists are reported. These lesions, also referred to as "accessory testicles" or "third testicle" or "ischial hygromas" of cyclists, consist of a localized aseptic area of necrosis with pseudocyst formation involving connective tissue in the superficial fascia of the perineum. These histologic findings, which were seen in the subsequent surgical specimens in these two cases, were reflected in the fine needle aspiration findings. The aspirates contained few cellular elements, mainly a few vacuolated histiocytes, against a background of fibrinous material. These indurations, which develop as a result of repeated, chronic microtrauma to the perineum impressed by the vibration of the saddle of the bicycle, constitute an authentic handicap for the professional cyclist and are a contraindication to cycling for amateur cyclists.
  9. Tried that too - It's awful! A mate of mine rides with coffee in one bottle and hot chocolate in the other both sweetened with glucose! Weirdo!
  10. That's why you have to pick your LBS carefully! I travel 30km to get to my 'local' bike shop. Great service from them whether it is a guy with a R60000 bike or a commuter who need some work done on his 3 speed!
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