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  1. They're still busy trying to sort out the timing and results from the 2016 event
  2. If you come right please let ua know. I was also looking around. Advanced polymers hasn't been that helpful to me so far.
  3. Not saying it's not possible but I would not trust the flow as accurate power. One reasonability check is to weigh yourself accurately with your bike and cycle up a longer hill with a relatively constant grade with no wind at a steady power a few times. Compare your times with a few of the online calculators available. You wont pick up if its say 1 or 2% out but probably will pick up 10% out
  4. I think you only have 3 options if you want to go pedal based and retain MTB cleats: 1. Assioma's with the mountain bike pedal hack ( )2. SRM pedals (expensive) 3. IQ2 (cheap, but not a proven product and not yet available). If it were my money, i would go with option 1 unless you are prepared to wait it out to see that option 3 delivered and reliable with no widespread issues on a gen 1 product.
  5. Have ordered multiple items via ags, slower than normal but all arrived within a few weeks. Ordered item that was sent via sa post office, sent before lockdown still stuck somewhere at Jhb mail centre....
  6. Is there a possibility that his current contract at Ineos guarantees him a place at tour?
  7. I think its 20% off the paid advert boost not 20% off the cost of the item?
  8. Hi, small businesses are obviously going to ne smashed through this difficult time. Let's use this thread to get creative how they be supported. People may already be aware of ways businesses are trying to offer services and others just need to be aware of what they are doing to be able to support. Please let's try keep it positive. If you dont think something will work or not for you just dont comment on it. I will start with: 1. Buy a take away meal from a restaurant you would have frequented at least once every 10 days 2. The pool team in Victory park will deliver your purchase to your car with a sanitized payment solution 3. Norma & Wilma caterers (082 465 5284) are delivering meals to homes given corporate events cancelled.
  9. Stolen: Bianchi Infinito 2012 When: 6 March 2020 Where: Cape Town, Western Cape Thief made off with bike from house Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
  10. Yes that was my ride for Sunday. Looks like somebody will help me with a bike so at least will still be able to ride.
  11. thabks.. was stolen out of guest house we were staying in, guy walked past with door open, quickly came inside and took it from passage. We should have been more aware...
  12. Somebody has helped me thank you.
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