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  1. Yip nice circular route that to accumulate some miles. I'll be in K.kgat (surf spot Stilbaai side of Jongens)from the 2nd and will probably try to ride it a couple fo times.
  2. no, you land up in hospital to have the iRenew removed from your eye
  3. Ja, I don't buy the safety argument - it might be valid for something like the Transbaviaans, but not so much for most of the multi-stage races that are popping up these days.
  4. I am by no means a prude when it comes to language, but I hate inconsisten arguments, so erm, last time I checked k.k was no more funny nor less smelly than sh.t regardless of having passed trough an English p..ph.l or an Afrikaans a.hole - just a technicallity
  5. Just a thought, but am I alone in being irritated by races that you can only enter as a team? Don't get me wrong, I fully support the notion of having the option of entering teams, but how about allowing solo riders to do their own thing?
  6. If you distrust carbon, get light alu parts - you can shave kilos off your bike by picking the correct alloy parts. We had a disagreement about carbon frames before, so I guess that is why you are not including frames in your poll, but for my money - my carbon frame has been a joy from day one and no worries about failures. One of my riding partners has been racing and training on a Scott Scale Ltd for more than 15000km without a sign of frame trouble.
  7. To those who roll through red lights: Do you do the same when in your car – cross when safe and yield when you deem it not to be safe? Do you get righteously indignant when taxis do things that you consider to be illegal but they consider to be efficient? Do you see a significant difference? Once you start regarding laws as guidelines that you can decide to adhere to or ignore depending on your personal take on the risks and practicalities you are on a slippery slope On a positive note – “:Howzit “ to the roadie on the Madone that stopped opposite me (guy on matt black mtb with slightly euphoric muddy grin) at the red light on Constantia main road this morning. Not a car in sight and guess what we survived taking a 15 second track stand breather.
  8. I blame the bling creeping into mtbing on roadies.
  9. Thanks Might give them a go. Currently also looking at Bontragers and Specialized.
  10. I am considering trying tubless Rubena Scylla or Charybdis - anybody with experience of these tyres? (I intend using it for XC racing, training and general messing around in Tokai and Jonkershoek)
  11. I am sorry, but that is a hillariously daft statement
  12. I know we'll miss some of the plantation once it is gone, but I am looking forward to seeing the fynbos recover.
  13. The ref to "his mother" was intended as an ironic stab at people who presume to know Contador's motives, morals ... and even mother. Intended as an absurd statement that I thought would be clear from the rest of my post (devil, BOB, JuJu... )but since it did not: I appologise to you and your saintly mother. I see you do get my point about it being natural for parents to defend their children... plain salted?
  14. geesh, I always see people commenting about popcorn, but I never fail to be amazed at how worked-up hubbers can get about crap. I followed the link expecting to find some realy pathetic moaning by the dispicable Conatador and his slutty mother with comments from their closest allies the devil, Mugabe and Julius... ...real disappointment when I all I found was an article about a mother being worried about her son, that she said the pressure of the last couple of years is rough on him and that he has second thoughts about wether it is worth it... shocking, I would never have thought
  15. Rode with gripshifts for years. Changed back to triggers about 5 years ago and somehow found it just so much more intuitive - you know shifting up or down without thinking even after 8 hours on the bike....so my advice would be to test ride a friend's bike first and make a call on your preference before changing... oh and for me: SRAM all the way when it comes to triggers
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