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  1. I think if LA opened his mouth , the cycling world would **** it self!!! if he spills the beans on who was involved and how . His covering up alot of peoples asses by not speaking (including his own) . I think if he stood up and threw out all the names involved over the years that road racing would die!
  2. 101%

    Chris Froome

    Just a Question. If Cav wins , does the whole team recieve a gold medal?
  3. Now!!!!!! Thats a bike!!!!! Don't want to steal your thunder... but here's mine
  4. 101%

    Ride for Sight

    I went down in this crash aswell. Managed to avoid the main fall . but some clown rear ended me , Just came out of hospital. Broken Thumb ......and a cast for 6 weeks...there goes SA's
  5. I was told by the organiser that you race the event in the category you'll be riding in 2012. therefore I'll be seeing you in the 40-44 cat
  6. Did you know that if you are currently 29 years old and only turning 30 in 2012 you can race vets 30-34 inorder to qualify for the main event in 2012. I'm 39 , and have been told that I'll be racing in the 40-44 category at Msunduzi
  7. To me Evans is looking the strongest at the moment. I just wonder if he's going to pay for all these efforts later in the mountains like on stg 1 chasing Gilbert , stg2 putting in BIG turns on the front in the TTT and trying to get the yellow off Thor's back on stg4.
  8. Just enetered!..BTW, I'm a medium(54) if you need to order it so long!
  9. Training...yes. But getting a bit looong in the tooth . You laatjies are hurting me in the racing
  10. Yip. Stg 12 is when we'll all see who's got the legs to win it . Like "Kontadoor" said after yesturdays stage: "From here on, he said that it “will be a different Tour, we will face it with another point of view. The important thing now is to pass the days until we reach the mountains to see how we are.” And, after all, the mountains are “my forte."
  11. I don't need to explain anything to a little "know it all" like yourself. Now run along and go watch the tour . should be starting soon.
  12. You sound like another one of those guys that think just because you ride a bicycle you know every thing about "pro racing" .
  13. Planet X......Naaa...never! Always been here ....just don't have that much to say.
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