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  1. Stolen: J. Guillem Tomir 2017 When: 25 January 2020 Where: Cape Town, Western Cape The bike was stolen out of a garage in Newlands. Obviously a rushed opportunistic theft and think the garage remote may have been cloned. Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
  2. Please keep an eye out for a Colnago C59 white and blue, stolen today from Higgovale. 0823605337 for any info
  3. The bigger worry are the dopers who are still racing at the age of 46 with a "heart condition" and winning races like Attakwas. The event organisers allow her to race all their events because her husband works for them, that is as shameful as the ANC corruption.
  4. if you are strong and have the right size front ring it is very possible to ride a sub 3 on knobblies. The knobblies give you a bit better control if you are in a twitchy group...(so anything from A down). Go pure and ride knobblies, much more satisfying, and you can go on the dirt/pavement if you choose.
  5. The point is we all know that there are cheats (lets call dopers what dopers are) all over pro cycling, doctors, DS, riders, etc, but they are currently not banned from the sport for life, Armstrong is, to me there are no grey areas there, and the UCI president is correct in his criticism of the fact that he has been invited to have anything to do with any race, anywhere, ever, whether you are a fan or not. How can there be exceptions, albeit only slightly.
  6. I will only buy from local dealers in an emergency situation, have been buying online for 10 years and even with the odd warranty problem it's still much much more cost effective. The local dealers really take the piss with prices. China is such a massive market now for carbon rims frames and parts and they are more than happy to send you a new product if you return the old ones. I have been riding their carbon mtb rims for 5 years and still good. Do the research and save thousands.
  7. Awesome Rush Sports, I hope my warranted claim on my cracked frame will be sorted out with the same efficiency as this but so far have just been given the run around for 3 weeks, more to follow if this brand fail to deliver, which I feel they may be trying to do.
  8. The best material I have ever ridden and think will be the next regarded material for riders when they are not racers and realise carbon is a rip off for what you get.
  9. I'll be surprised if anyone dips under 6 hours on that route, it all depends how many fast guys there are...
  10. Like. Civil court case sue them for fraud. Up to 15 years..that's about the right sentence for cheats
  11. FBSP

    Attakwas 2016

    I wouldn't suggest this race to someone who isn't technically proficient on a MTB. If you're a roadie you are not going to manage this event well if you don't also MTB regularly.
  12. FBSP

    Attakwas 2016

    The race starts at 75km...So eat the burger and prepare yourself for a hard 50km.
  13. Anyone heading up to Calitzdorp for 7 weekspoort on 2nd Oct from CT, would appreciate a ride plus bike and back afterwards. Happy to pay towards costs
  14. It is almost impossible to ride the full distance in training but I did one 220km ride on district roads and a total of 6x150km or bigger. One needs to know what your body needs in terms of nutrition and pacing and bear in mind that night riding can be a bit slower as you mostly ride with your light on dim to save the battery. We rode well within ourselves but still managed 25km/h, which is what we trained for. Ride in training what you want to achieve at the event but use an average speed. Ride the climbs in an easy gear at about 70% your normal climbing speed and remember there is over 5000m of ascent. It is difficult to train your body for this event but if your mind can hold so will your body, that's the trick to endurance events.
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