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  1. very nice selection and good pricing. Would have purchased if your website showed up on my google search when i was shopping for a new helmet
  2. lovely morning at Hoogekraal . Some sections still very muddy
  3. i was about to buy these darts then i realized i dont have those rubber ports. My cable holes are just wide enough for the cables . this is such an easy fix ????
  4. I have this marvel bike which i won with a spar competition . Its nothing special but feels better than the Raleigh ( game , makro ) bikes . Very basic with entry level shimano parts which felt ok at 1st but after getting a mtb with deore parts i must say the 2 feels worlds apart .
  5. You ride alone ? Bellville cbd is such a dodgey area ????
  6. Did this guy get away on foot ? I usually run through this part of rondebosch and seems to be safe
  7. WOW. Those rocks are not easy to break. Someone must be going through a lot of effort to do this
  8. I settled for the Silverback stride deluxe . Doing my 1st trail ride this weekend . Bike feels good on the road. Lets see how it does on some lite trails .
  9. Havent bought anything from them yet but their email communication seems to be ok as they respond regularly. Only thing that i dont understand is that they advertise items on their website as well on social media only to find out that they dont have stock after calling/email .
  10. Medium . Major stock issues with most shops
  11. Sorry man .Do you have any details of the person who collected your bike ?
  12. Could you find a dealer who has stock of this bike ?
  13. Difficult to find a decent review of the LTWOO components. There are a few vids online giving lengthy reviews but in a foreign language.
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