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  1. More like “i cant believe it is still available” *bring back the classifieds comments
  2. Next time you want anything from Hope, order from www.custombikes.co.za. They are the importers and based in JHB
  3. I guess it is just how the frame is made. Will hopefully not damage too much over time. *avoid mud. Thanks
  4. It doesn't touch the frame though and the wheel spins freely. The caliper is spaced a little outward. Frame: Evil Following MB Wheel: Lyne AMP Rotor: Hope Floating Boost frame
  5. Noticed this yesterday. Not sure why i didnt before. The rotor is about 1mm from the frame. Look towards the top of the photo where the caliper mounts. I'm seeing slight rubbing on the frame from what I assume would be mud on the rotor from some more adventurous riding.
  6. Torqued to the 4nm spec for the carbon frame it sits in.
  7. Interesting one. Finally got hold of a strap wrench to undo the top collar on the post. Cleaned it out (not that there was any grease or gunk) and applied some fresh SRAM Butter below the bushing. From all the way down it goes up completely with a satisfying thud when it stops at the top. However, when it is only compressed halfway down the travel it refuses to pop up and is also had to press down. Fun one huh?
  8. Still waiting for replies from 2020. Last order was delivered within two days though. Old models of stuff so it was more likely to be in stock.
  9. The 125 comment is what I mean by petty, even if just a joke. Clearly a typo. Misleading yes and no. Lazy to not create two posts yes. Unethical to not want to pay for two posts, maybe.
  10. Not you mr fluffy. It was factual and relevant. I share the dealer comment.
  11. Someone will come along and find something petty to say.
  12. I get the feeling it is one of those situations where they are waiting for the supplier to get stock before they send it to you. A little honesty would go a long way to put your mind at ease when waiting for orders like this. Happened to me before with a Park Tool order that showed "in stock" with them.
  13. Took 2 days for an order to reach JHB from them. Same as always really. How long have you been waiting?
  14. I might have missed this but is there no warranty left on the frame?
  15. Based on the wear that oke needs either a 40t up front or an 11-32 cassette only.
  16. Kids bounce back faster than us. Let him ride and be a kid. So you want to punish him for having fun?
  17. Not quite but ok. You’re the expert in dealing scrap.
  18. Drumroll. It is also a rapid rise derailleur. Dates back to around 2002. R350 would be realistic.
  19. Can I post my dual suspension bike and just say the rear shock is locked out?
  20. Write implies "document in which ever way you see fit"
  21. What is the difference between that and say lithium grease?
  22. Ah yes. The solution to a problem we didn't have to begin with. Prohibitively expensive no doubt. Rent a shockwiz and spend some time on your favorite trails and get everything dialed in. Write your settings down and forget about it.
  23. Everything except for that over-the-bar remote. Yuck.
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