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  1. Carbon MTB 750 mm handlbar for less than R1000 ? Pretty pleeeeeeeeeez
  2. Would probably go more for something like this : https://www.takealot.com/uvex-sportstyle-710-black-mountainbike-sports-spectacles/PLID50002562
  3. First time for me to ride this event. Looking super forward to it
  4. Totally agaree with you, however I bought the FITBIT Charge 3 for me and the wife and it's incredibly comfortable on one's wrist. Bought it for the Momentum Multiply fit days etc
  5. https://indola.co.za/shop/bottoms/mens-enduro-lycra-vs5-bib-shorts/ - for the win The "pad" is slightly thicker and you can get them at CWC for about R1000
  6. And the starting point is still the BP in Edgemead? Thanks for the quick reply
  7. Is this cycling group still riding on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings starting at 5am ? Thanks
  8. Bought my 2012 Giant Anthem (Medium Frame) 2nd hand and am still riding it to this very day Service it regularly. From my point-of-view it's an awesome "can-do-all" machine Taking into account that I'm 76Kg the bike handles it with ease Good luck and Giant Anthem's are awesome
  9. Just 1 Rabbit is going towards to the river
  10. Save up some cash and go to the Rudy Project stand at the Argus Expo Paid R700 for the RED photochromic lenses about 3 years ago Never used another lens for MTB - never had to! Rudy Project Rydon photochromic lenses FTW
  11. Always a pleasure. Post a pic Jaco
  12. I have a Giant Anthem 29er and it takes all the uphill I can give it as well as treating it like a downhill Giant Reign - best buy ever ! The bike just goes with no issues and a little TLC and you good to go for years to come. Good luck
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