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  1. I would check exactly what cover you have for R166 because that's very very low...
  2. To be honest, 2 weeks is not a big deal considering that it's only 10 working days and I think I got paid out in 9... The claim had to be processed, an assessor had to view the bike and write his report, the office had to process it and then payment had to be effected... I hence consider two weeks astounding service...
  3. As all the other posters - load them as specified on your household policy and be sure that they're under an "all risks" equivalent as this covers you for almost everything. I'm with Hollard and my R120k bike is about R460pm - I had a claim last year Jan because I literally broke the carbon frame (& a collar bone) in a fall - components weren't transferable onto new frames (non boost, 2x10, etc). They paid me out in full less than 2 weeks from submitting my claim. Very impressed with them.
  4. Nope - once you've clicked OK the EFT cannot be reversed without permission from the receiver of the funds.
  5. I bought the 45s for my son and to be honest I'm really impressed with it... Good quality, all the latest software that the top end units have got like body battery, stress level, etc... Some of which I don't even have on my fenix 5x plus... But I don't think it has some other stuff like Garmin Pay, music, etc... My son loves and uses it for MTB, running and waking but not indoor so I've never looked to see what extra sports we can add but that's easy to check online... The GPS is good and locks on very quickly... Great colour screen with customisable screens... Battery lasts him only a few days (4-5) but its super quick to charge - no more than 60 minutes... Interesting that through a school day he'll easily do 10k - 15k steps...
  6. Please post pics of the stolen goods on bike hub and also on Facebook groups - makes it easier for us to look out for when its up for resale...
  7. Hey Shaun - sorry for your loss. The only way for money to reflect in your account and then not is if the scammer has a contact at a bank and deposits a fraud / stolen cheque that will then bounce a day or so later. For all for future reference, please advise exactly how this chap 'paid' you ? You have to get a proof of payment AND confirmation of funds cleared in your account. The deposit of a stolen cheque goes back well over 10 - 15 years already. They deposit the cheque at the bank through their contact and then send a fake EFT proof of payment. They very clever. If a buyer doesn't make an instant EFT in front of me, with proof of payment sent to me directly from the bank, then I wait 5 working days before releasing the goods. I'm also not interested in anyone who buys sigh unseen and sends someone else to collect the goods - first warning flag of a scam.
  8. JBK

    Magalies Monster

    Breedts neck is in a terrible state at the moment and I doubt that they have any intention of fixing it up prior to the race. For me, tbh, there's no enjoyment in this climb, just torture and possible damage to bike and self. BTW, if you rode that climb after walking across the river in MSP, then I applaud you because I always considered that unrideable - I'm sure I remember it always being a compulsory portage section.
  9. My experience is that everything Apple is just plain stupid... Get a Garmin and all your problems will be resolved...
  10. JBK

    Galaxy 29er ?

    Rather look for a gently used, better brand, better spec 29er HT. Even if you have to go up to about R6k - R7k. You don't want to throw money into a cheap entry level base bike by upgrading it. Besides, the sum of the parts are considerably more expensive than the sum of the whole - so cheaper to buy a better spec'd bike than to upgrade a low spec'd bike. The galaxy will also have zero resale value should you want to upgrade at a later stage whilst a silverback or similar will probably sell 3rd hand for the same as what you'll pay 2nd hand. Also, check if disc brakes are mechanical or hydraulic - opt rather for the latter.
  11. JBK

    Scam attempt

    They change email addresses daily...
  12. JBK

    Scam or not

    I think the crux of the matter is that a scammer will never actually hand over cash to another party with the intent on getting the item and his cash back. So once Bike Hub can 100% confirm that the money is irrefutably in their account, it's probably a legit deal. BUT these scammers are sharp and clever and I wouldn't put it past them to try something. But for sure they'll always opt for the easier scam.
  13. JBK

    Scam or not

    Matt, what happens if the seller ships the bike to a local agent / depot and then the buyer claims they never received it and hence want their money back from Bike Hub Pay ?
  14. JBK

    Scam or not

    Click on his profile and see when it was first registered by bike hub ?
  15. JBK

    Scam or not

    It's a SCAM mate... play with him a while... Add 50% onto the price due to high demand and he see what he says...
  16. So you've retired your bib shorts after using them only 10 times then ? BS...
  17. Mate, this is happening to R4000 bib shorts after about 10 use/ wash cycles. Bit soon for retirement, no ?
  18. Thanks for the feedback however that's not the issue. If it were then it wouldn't be exactly the same place on all my shorts. I also wash mine and my wife's together, always, in the same manner and this has never happened with her shorts. I will however still take your suggestion as it can certainly do no harm to move to a more sensitive detergent. Thanks.
  19. I'm so glad you mentioned this as I've been meaning to for a few weeks now. I know what you mean and I have exactly the same problem with all my bib shorts : Castelli, Sportful, North Wave. All shorts were one away from the top of the range of respective brands. I've engaged the suppliers and followed their care guidelines exactly - gentle wash, lowest spin cycle, don't hang to dry, dry away from sunlight, etc. I even take them off before doing any stretching or rolling on the foam roller. But still keeps happening to all my bib shorts after only about 3-6 months old and worn / washed no more than once a week. On the back, above the pad the fabric seems to stretch and thin out to the point where it's see through. I even thought it's maybe from keeping stuff in the back pocket that rubs against the fabric but my shirt pockets are no where near where it's thinning but I still keep nothing in that pocket anyway. I'd love to know why this happens to some of us ? My current theory is that I might be in the tall side of my size and maybe the fabric in this area is being stretched but I cannot take a larger size.
  20. I used a 3rd company (that specialises in cars but won't mention the name). Appalling job ! Gaps everywhere. Peeling in many places and letting dirt in. Only 3 months old but I'm already having to peel must off it off. Never again.
  21. I agree with you regarding higher pressure to protect rims, in fact many bike shops are now advising against low pressure (<1.8bar) with carbon rims although the general sentiment out on the trails seems to still be for lower pressures. My worry with to hard though is comfort and punctures due to sharp rocks that a lower pressure tyre would roll over. I pretty much aim for 1.7 don't and 1.8 rear.
  22. I think you mean Vittoria and not Victoria... LOL... Most people (myself included) run the BARZO as a front tyre and the Mezcal as a rear... Cape Cobra editions only...
  23. Might be a silly question / suggestion but are you sure the creaking is coming from the headset bearing ? I also bought my wife a brand new 2020 RC900 world cup (yellow one) in Nov last year. After a few rides we had the same thing that definitely sounded like a creaking headset bearing - when under load and turning handlebars there was a constant creak, creak, creak. So I narrowed it down to headset or cables but didn't go as far as you and open her up. Took to my LBS bike shop (not where we bought the bike) and they found that when the bike was built, they didn't put foam into the frame around the cables, hence the creaking / ticking when turning handlebars. They squirted in some foam and the bike is silky silent and the 2nd love of my wife's life. My 2c from my experience...
  24. Thanks buddy - but not further than 2 and half hours drive from jozi.
  25. Hi Guys Looking for a venue for just the wife and myself to go for long weekend in June. It's my birthday so we're leaving the kids behind (for the first time) and looking for somewhere no more than about 2 and 1/2 hours drive from JHB with awesome mountain biking and great accommodation (no camping please - weekend away in lieu of 50th birthday party, so a spoil). We both ride MTB and usually about 80 - 100km rides in and around JHB. Looking for scenic and nice flowing routes and trails to ride three days in a row. Not looking for downhill or really gnarly singletrack trails as we want to also enjoy time off the bikes. Suggestions please but also comment on the type and distance of MTB trails / routes - I may contact you for GPX files.! Nice to have self catering option but preferably somewhere where we can also go for a light lunch and or dinner close by. Thanks
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