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  1. My view on it as well.. Things don’t always go smoothly, you’re going to fall, and encouragement to get up and finish the race would be a more important lesson to me..
  2. I don’t know what a gatvel is but going on you’ve said thicker🤣🤣 I’ve never ridden without padded(chamois) shorts under my puma or adidas track shorts, or my fox mtb shorts when I eventually got some.. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. Why not.? you’ve never used something that wasn’t meant for it but worked well anyways.?
  4. That’s hysterical.!! 🤣🤣 but shame,sounds like the oke was just trying to give her a budget friendly alternative.. board shorts are not a bad idea..
  5. Agreed.. better off buying a gravel bike in your budget..
  6. I’m in no way making assumptions about your parenting style.. please don’t get me wrong.. but you know how some parents demand perfection from their kids and pressure them to excel.. forgetting that being a kid is supposed to be fun, and falling is learning.. sometimes the lesson is that you won’t always start at the front so it’s up to the kid to learn how to get around them as an example.. or now he knows that if he’s not at the front he needs to be even more careful of crashes.. he’ll learn how to avoid them on his own🤷🏼‍♂️.. but encouragement to get back up and tips to get better will benefit him well..
  7. It’s all about gaining experience hey, and learning how to avoid crashes is probably to be in them at first.. eventually you’ll notice the signs and know how to manouvre out of harms way before it goes down.. he’s also ten years old, let him be a kid and enjoy riding and racing as a kid without layering on the pressure.. if you get what I’m saying..🤙🏻
  8. Oh that’s awesome to hear.! I swam a ton last summer, haven’t much this summer and my back is in a sorry state.. felt so good before.. must get back into it.! I’m able to take less pain killers as well so that’s also a big plus being a recovering addict..
  9. Yeah so a bike fit is going to help you out a bunch.. but for me I’ve had back issues my whole life, just standing even walking for a period of time hurts me.. what’s done wonders has actually been swimming.. just gentle freestyle lengths for 30 minutes a day.. 🤙🏻
  10. Yeah that is very true.. it probably wouldn’t stop me if I was still able to holiday up the garden route.. 🤔 The wife and I most certainly vote..🤙🏻
  11. What I just watched on carte Blanche about the state of knysna at the moment, I wouldn’t go near this..😰.. im shattered, knysna has always been one of my favorite places.🥹
  12. They’re amazing.! 😍 Joker Wheelz 😍
  13. That’s exactly what I’m saying.. what works for me when I put it in my body might do something terrible for you.. I can eat nuts all day(haha nuts all day🤪) but if you allergic, those nuts are ******* dangerous.. I’ll happily try your slo mag for twitches.. I get that when I’m laying down or sat on the couch in my calves.. hopefully my stomach can handle or learn to handle quickly.. (suppose this kills my argument as you’ve suggested something and it’s my decision to try it or not🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣) dammit, sorry guys I’ll shut the **** up now.!!😰🤣🤣 Yeah I’m a “spinner”.. I don’t rip the ring out of my cycles, well not many of them.. I see a hill I find a nice gear and I spin until I’m at the top and a little out of breath.. I’ve started sprinting out the saddle up smaller punchier hills but that’s it..🥳🤘🏻
  14. Hahaha perfect example.. my wife gave me a slow mag once, just for sore muscles after I had done a 75km ride I think it was.. spent the next day on the toilet.. it was a biblical experience that left me quite scarred.. if that had been race day and I had read here to take it for cramps(I’m luckily not a cramper or I don’t push hard enough🤔🤔🤔 but that’s not the point🤷🏼‍♂️) I would have been pissed.!!🤣🤣🤣
  15. This proves my point though.. don’t you think that medically there’s something wrong with that and you should consult real live professional health care workers and not the internet.? this isn’t “my saddle hurts my bum, what can I do about it.?” With a solution of, fitting, chamois cream and cycling is never completely pain free, so suck it up sunshine.. No matter how harmless you think something is it’s reckless to advise someone to put stuff in their body without proper qualifications.. and even they **** it up and get sued constantly..😰
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