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  1. I tested both the stage and the stage max this last week. Oh my soul, what a ride. Two absolutely fantastic bikes.
  2. Thanks for the info Shaper. Always nice to see things differently and learn something new. I have a Polar Vantage V that has running power but never even looked at it.
  3. I am happy to report back that my operation was a success. It is now just over 4 weeks and I am back home ( 7 nights in hospital and 3 weeks with my parents), walk just over 3km yesterday. Recovery will take some time but so far so good.
  4. Little bit from myside of the screen. I've been so busy working I haven't even got lonely yet. Suzie my pug is loving lockdown. She keeps an eye on me the whole time. Sleeps under my chair or sit on my lap. Goodness me I washed more dishes this last 2 weeks than the last 20 years all together. The fact that none of the events are happening does not bother me at all. For me the most annoying thing is that my operation that was scheduled for 1 April has been postponed until after lockdown. Which means I would have been discharged latest yesterday. I am staying in a double story house and have 15 steps to get to my bedroom. Yes it is getting more of a challenge to get to the top. My restriction of movement started end of January and will continue for at least 6 week after lockdown is lifted. The good news is nobody is going anywhere at the moment so I do not have any FOMO. I'm also a new subscriber to netflix and loving it.
  5. Had some extra time since I am still on the injury list. Oil paint Size 61x91cm
  6. If by any chance Comrades continues and the rate at which races got cancelled ... I really feel sorry for anyone who has not qualified yet and that are planning on going. Not a lot of opportunties left.
  7. Enjoy the day. Looks like it will be a nice sunny day at the dam.
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