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  1. He went back to the scene to collect any evidence, and this was after he stopped to close the bonnet of his car after hitting her? Should this information be true - then good bloody riddance.
  2. I used to get a bad cold or flu twice a year. Then i started getting the flu shot and not been sick since. It is worth it, far more worthwhile than all these faddy supplements and other rubbish. It is one shot, takes about 5 mins, is not painful and far more legitimate research has gone into that flu shot than all the faddy supplements on the market. You cannot "boost" your immune system. The immune system that you have, is the immune system that you have. You can support it, you cannot boost it. I dont take supplements of any sort, not even a multi vit. Never been sick since i started getting the flu shot and i had mine for this year just last week. And at R70 odd, it is cheaper than most of the supplements around too.
  3. I would but I am scared I will get shot, and buried in a big hole, at the next race where a Hubber may recognise my bike. Not only do i have a pink Brookes, I have put it on a Merida Juliet Ride Lite
  4. I have a Brookes England Colt on my roadbike And bollocks to anyone who thinks it looks stooopid... i love it It is pink too
  5. When someone is willing to drop 12 grand on something, i dont think anticipation should come into the equation But ok, benefit of the doubt and all. I guess.
  6. Coming onto The Hub to advertise something new = ok. Coming onto The Hub to advertise something new, linking a website, and having that site still under construction = epic fail.
  7. I have been following this thread all morning and I just dont know what to say My condolences to the family And ER24, you guys rock. Follow them on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/ER24Ambulance
  8. I also hate the new bikes. The old ones even with broken cranks were better than this rubbish they have installed. And I cannot get out onto a real bike more than once a week so I have to rely on spinning to keep a decent level of fitness. I have to lift the handlebars to a stupid height because when standing in the forward position my knees hit the bars. The belt sticks and creates a jerky movement which in turn causes jarring on my knees. The tension is terrible and does not adjust in a smooth fashion. Worst of all, it feels like i am pedalling fresh air. The bike also feels plastic and the settings are difficult to read. Very very unhappy and I have now had to move to another VA which is further away because they still have the old bikes. Heaven help me if they too get the new bikes :angry: :angry: I also think everyone who is unhappy with the bikes should stand up and say something instead of just putting up with it. I know that just about everyone at Roodepoort are unhappy, including the instructors. I also know that the link to this thread has been sent to the MD of VA. I wonder if he will bother to read it and reply.
  9. I have taken my mountain bike to London and back - in a box. I used a whole roll of duct tape, some bubble wrap - not loads. Bike was fine. In fact after my experience, I now trust a box more than a bag because a box gives rigidity but a bag doesn’t. I took the handle bar off, both wheels, and left it at that. I did wrap the rear derailleur in a fair amount of wrap because it was sitting directly on the floor of the box. Spacers were put between the brakes/pad thingies and a plastic thing on the fork (dunno what that is called either). The wheels sat either side of the bike, one at the fork end, one at the rear end. Have also flown two road bikes back to JHB after the Amashova, in boxes, and they are fine.
  10. *grabs popcorn* *by the truck load*
  11. I am the hardnosed wife. And JB Tours should be glad that my brother in law took my place so I personally was not on that train because hardnosed would be a slight understatement. This train trip was advertised as a relaxing and enjoyable ride to Durban. My biggest irk here is that JB Tours failed to mention that we would be surrounded by the rest of the public. And call it what you like, that is no way for a cyclist, about to ride over 100km, to travel to Durban. We thought it was cyclists only and would be at least half decent. It is also advertised as a way for the family to travel. Well, if you think taking your wife and children on a train with toilets full of stinking urine is acceptable, then perhaps you need to do a rethink. Or at least a rethink on the VERY DISHONEST way you market these tours. It is fake advertising to the hilt. And lets not even get started on that train only getting into JHB at 6pm on Monday night. So much for getting to work all clean and relaxed for the day on Monday eh? And i understand that delays on the track are not in the hands of JB Tours, but some decent communication from the tour guide would have helped - you know, just a tad. 24 hours solid on that train? Oh hell no. Would you want to take your family on a train with evident hygiene issues such as this:
  12. Exactly. Beyond that, I am not all that involved in cycling to even know what this is all about. But I do know this statement above is why I will only ever do races with full road closure. Is cycling in SA going down the drain? Whats going on?
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