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  1. Are there..? ive searched all over
  2. Are there any Sunday rides with this group..? or other group in same area?
  3. Anyone know which bike shops in Jhb stock the Tacx Trainers ? Looking for the Booster.
  4. anyone got any opinions or comparisons on Garmin Edge vs the equivalent Bryton ..?
  5. whats the chances of the spruit fairy building a bridge at that river crossing.. its a bit slippery jumping those rocks with cleats
  6. http://www.facebook.com/events/353194518113034/ happening on 5th January at 8pm
  7. Keep the idea going and post details please. A couple of thousand cyclists all dressed in black should get us noticed
  8. terrible terrible, shocking news !!!
  9. if i buy a Garmin E800 in Europe, will it work here or do I need to buy maps for it..? anyone know
  10. markgc

    Sani2c vs W2W..?

    Thanks..just trying to prepare mentally..did Sani this year and managed fine..day 2 was testing but fine. Agree, I was probably also fitter and better prepared that time year.
  11. markgc

    Sani2c vs W2W..?

    Which of these 2 would you rate as more difficult..? and why?
  12. Anyone have suggestions for best way to get my bike down to CT from JHB. I'm flying down, never put a bike on a plane, not sure if secure or not??
  13. markgc


    rode my FS1 at Sani this year, Volcan were there and gave my bike a free service after each stage !!
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