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  1. Can someone confirm the date of the 2007 Vasbyt as 31 March please?
  2. The route and planning for the 2007 edition of the Future Forward ultratour is out. When: 27 April to 5 May 2007 Distance: 1251 km (all riders ride the whole way if they can) We will be visiting exotic places like Duiwelskloof, Graskop, Sabie, Lydenburg, Nelspruit etc. Email me on Rudolph.horn@eoh.co.za for details
  3. Bruce Surely the other products also CALCULATES your power output, they just use other inputs? Do you have any specifics available on how the polar unit calculates power?
  4. Ek is 'n trotse Afrikaans sprekende Afrikaan. En my kind is in 'n Afrikaanse skool. Maar as mense kleinlik raak oor my taal dan sal ek my mening lig. Die vrae aan haar is gestel deur 'n internasionale gasspeker. Ek dink dit is swak maniere om hom in Afrikaans te antwoord. Indien sy haar toespraak in Afrikaans gelewer het aan die gehoor het ek geen probleem dat sy toe Afrikaans gepraat het nie. Jy dink sy was kleinlik omdat sy in afrikaans antwoord? Ek verskil van jou, maar ons is albei geregtig op ons opinie. Maar wanneer iemand my verkramp noem en my terugvat na die boereoorlog, dan sal ek ook my mening lig . . . .
  5. Ja, jy is seker reg. Maar dan moet jy erken dat engels die taal van vrouemoordenaars en slawedrywers is? Feit is afrikaans is 'n taal wat sy onstaan in engels, duits, hollands en flaams het. Daar is ook frans en spaans in. Ek is afrikaans, en trots daarop. Ek praat dit in die kombuis, die sitkamer, op Loftus, en hier op die Hub. Ek kan en sal engels praat as dit nodig is, en ek wed jou beter as wat jy afrikaans kan praat
  6. So nou wil jy vir ons wys maak dat mense wat afrikaans praat en trots is daarop verkramp is? Wat het dit te doen met die boere oorlog? Wat is moderne tye volgens jou? Jy is seker een van daardie tipe ouens wat sy kinders in 'n engelse skool sit Om jou voorbeeld te gebruik, hulle noem ons Hensoppers!
  7. Crap. I take it then that when an english speaking person is interviewed in Afrikaans you would also take exception to that person responding in english? What about an italian or dutch or french person being inteviewed in afrikaans? How many of you souties would be happy to be interviewed in afrikaans? Fact is, she is the champ, and she can speak in any language she chooses. Find something else to moan about.
  8. Got there @ about 10:30, JUST before the rush. Got my number in about 10-15 minutes. Walked thru the expo quickly, just junk mostly. The Milo stand was good, the milo was ice cold! The tall lady at the diadora stand was http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/23/23_32_11.gif http://www.smileycentral.com/sigpc=ZSzeb095&amppp=ZSYYYYYYYYZA
  9. Jealousy makes you blind If he can manage to pass the next 20 dope tests before the 2007 tour, can there be any doubt that he will win it?
  10. All of the above is true, I have also donated pumps, tubes etc. never to have them replaces. BUT, sometimes it's great when someone does help. Last year at the 94.7 I got 3, yes that's three, flats. Only carried 2 spares, so had to beg for a third. Took about 10 minutes, but a great lady in her fifties stopped and donated it. I asked for her details, but she would have none of it. Just gave it up and carried on riding.
  11. Going to be very hard on those Ivan fans that are so anti Disco
  12. Yip, I'll be there. Just not happy with your idea of forcing people to go to Durban on the Sat to pick up numbers. For us Gautengers it is already a long way to go just to get to PMB. An additional trip to Durban is like a kick in the teeth. Please revert back to the previous arrangement next year?
  13. It is about 120km to Parys from there, however there are some roadworks on the road after you turn off to Parys from the highway. I would allow 2 hours to be safe. Likely will only need about 1:30 or so, but rather be 30 mins early than 5 late!
  14. By the way, if anyone is not doing much on saturday, we need some hands to help at the waterpoint. pm me if you want to help!
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