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  1. Started with flats, but then got advised to ride cleats, as all the better riders ,were on cleats then. This was more then 15 years ago. Found I just could not ride anything Dh or rocks though, with cleats.So rode my enduro bike , and jumps with flats.Cleats for my distance bike.Problem was even on a rough section of any trail, I was so uncomfortable being cleated in,I was always uncleating anyway. Last year found out my left calf was painful, for days after riding with cleats, so switched to flats,no more pain! The first long distance(for me) over 100 km ride, on flats, realised will never ride with cleats again. Never been a fast rider anyway.
  2. Gotcha! busy watching a clip on the mo, 6902 bearings for hub body front and back, 6802 for the freehub thanks.
  3. Having being riding my lyne amp wheelset ,27,5 on my scott spark for a 17 months now. Type of riding has been mostly trail, and minor rocks etc, as happens, also open jeep track, and longer roads ,mixed in. At about 13 months noticed the alumimum nipples were cracking, and some corrosion as well, so replaced them with brass nipples, which was a upgrade IMO. All being said, very pleased with them. My back wheel bearings have a little play in them now ,and need replacing. Just asking please, does anyone have the specs for the actual size of these bearing, please? Normally take bearings out, and then use these to sample, for new bearings, but want to save time.
  4. Just asking something for a friend, This friend of mine, due to the croniaviris is not receiving a income , and maybe unemployed. So he asked this discovery health for a cheaper option, just a a hospital plan. A cost per month was mentioned which was accepted. On 30th April late in the afternoon, the doc'S and attachements were sent , which were accepted, (this friend does not look at the finer print, accepted it, assumed would be a figure as first quoted and accepted.) Admittedly such documents should be studied in detail, but at month end ,no time. Debt order goes through on the 3rd, R280 more than the quoted figure. On query gets told its the vitality amount not included. Surely if someone says this is all they can afford, it means its all they can afford, why just add on more?
  5. About 4 years ago,when we were subjected to the first round of load shedding, I realised that it was only the communication ,entertainment items that I really wanted. I bought a 1500w modified sign wave inverter ,1 95 amp/hour good battery, and some other items such as fuses,, voltmeter ,main isolator switch , constructed this all on a anodised metal baseplate with wheels, an added an extra 12v computer fan for extra cooling. I installed two socket outlets on it for 220v ac, and one for12vdc (maybe a lighting circuit in future.) I ran an extra subcircuit in the house, which the tv and two computers, and the router is plugged into. this subcircuit is connected onto a plug top and onto the mains supply. I have a cheap 12v car battery charger the the inverter. When load shedding occurs, all I do is remove the subcircuit plugtop, and plug it into the inverter socket outlet, I manually switch the inverter on, its really a simple system, but certainly has worked faultlessly when needed. Total cost was about R8000. At the moment would like to maybe add a second battery, which would push up my run time to over 4 hours. Have a gas stove , already, Had ideas to expand my system , but just have not got around to it.
  6. having just purchased a set of 27,5 amp I had my first proper test at Howick trails open day,yesterday. I have them on my 2014 scott spark, and have fitted 2,4 maxis ardent tyres . Through the rock gardens , I found them stiff and also very stable a lower speeds over some of the bigger rocks as well , as adding lots more confidence to me, Very pleased with them.
  7. Have just ordered a set of the amp 27,5 wheels,are they centre lock or 6 bolt on rotors ,please?
  8. Think the mistake made was to change the dates from September , next people I know also started to complain about the price unfortunately, pity as I liked and aiways supported this event. Not convinced a 2 day stage race is the answer thou. The original event was somewhat more like the comrades version of MTB. Pity this has been lost, if it does become a two day, different route, entirely different event,
  9. Very impressed with the trail, ended up doing it three times, well done to all involved in this project. I will be back here again. Pleased with the idea of more trail of this standard.
  10. he greeted them peacefully,they looked like normal dudes, not in Giba,more like 1,5km ,on the road from the entrance,on the road,they jumped him and went straight into attack mode,no warning at all,he wanted to get away, but had no choice but to defend himself.
  11. most cyclists are fit and can be strong, so you outnumber and try to hit fast ,hard , and pull them down, the element of supprise is vital...be the aggressor... these guys were not politely asking for a donation for there local church fund.
  12. the person involved was attacked two persons who were invading his personal space with violent intentions, that is all,he reacted to a violent situation, maybe many of us could react the same way if this happened.
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