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  1. 1 . Seller rating. 5 stars no less even 4 1/2 stars 🚩 walk away. 2.forum posts by seller/buyer.Read them. 3.membership period. If they have been here long enough. Usually they good people.
  2. Plett. Spitskop. Plett. Wind was crazy! Literally blew to a standstill twice heading up the "kop". Was clipping 60kph on the flats back home...woosh
  3. Plett-soetkraal-Plett. Beauty of a morning. Ended with a little something new in the works.lekker by die see🤙
  4. Plett.wittedrift.fisanthoek.garden of eden.krantzhoek.plett Forests were moer koud with "ryp" in places.
  5. Wayne is a legend. Yes buy what you need.
  6. Thats a good value bike for the cash,but to Beat a dead horse...what i don't get is our obsession with "race" bikes with 100mm travel. Most people are not racers although "races" seem to be very popular in our country.why limit the fun,although it can still be had with 100mm suspension in capable hands...130-140mm is the sweetspot in terms of trail capability and all day effeciency yet here we are resies mal 40 50 60 year olds on race bikes...not a rant just a observation. Enjoy your bikes guys.
  7. Purchased a 2012 giant reign from a guy. one size larger than normal. Stuck a 650b mrp fork on it. Ordered stans 26er arch rims 26er tyres and a 650b front wheel from germany picked up a minion 650b from a local guy.stuck a works components angle set in the headset mulleted the thing and a bolt through rear axle from dt. HA at 65.5° 150mm travel front rear...all that for R12k. Locally you can still get schwalbe MM plus a couple more options from maxxis,chaoyang etc Fun to value 200% - afterall is fun not the reason we're all riding?
  8. Yes indeed. The bike is a scalpel. The fork is a lefty. Sale advertised as a cannondale lefty.
  9. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/dual-suspension-bikes/438695/cannondale-lefty Anybody for a lefty fork at R50k?
  10. This happens to me when my laces are tied too tight. Especially the top at the tie/knot area. Something else that also helped-for me at least- i tilted my saddle ever so slightly down at the nose
  11. Press release states the opposite.Also a fairly easy workaround to this is to get a water repellent spray and apply when new and contunue to re-apply. Only the clipless version listed on specialized sa site at this time...bummer
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