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  1. So I see Titan Racing has just released what looks like a new aero road bike, the Vanquish (Comp) 2021: Its available at BikeAddict and CycleLab, for R32k and R34k respectively (though the Reynolds deep section carbons are a mistake, I think? Not at that price) Its not even on the Titan website yet. Oops, here it is.
  2. Hello all, I'm new to cycling, recently bitten by the bug. I Currently have a RC3000 roadbike but would like to get something more versatile, but not as limited (in terms of road usage) as a MBT. So I decided on a gravel bike. After some consideration I decided on the 20k range, and after more research I decided on this new bike brought out by Titan, the Switch : https://www.titanracingbikes.com/product/switch-elite/ The specs are very decent, as well as the weight (10.1 kilos for a large frame). But I have been warned about buying "cheap carbon" (and 22k is pretty cheap for a new carbon bike). Also, because of the new-ness of the bike I can't find anything in terms of reviews. So, I was wondering if there are any informed opinions around here, or perhaps someone who has bought the bike, or knows someone who has... Greetings from Potchefstroom (NWU student).
  3. Of late, the road scene has been humming with new products. The new Titan Racing Vanquish is for those who want to focus on speed and speed alone. Of all the forces you need to overcome on your bike, one of the greatest energy-sappers is air resistance. Characterised by its wide tube shapes, integrated cockpit, hidden disc brakes, and seat clamp, the Vanquish is a legitimate aero bike. A low weight frameset paired with a decent ride quality delivers a competitive package that feels lightning-fast and is ready to push some big watts. A high modulus carbon fibre frame produces aerodynamic efficiency and stiffness through the use of kammtail shaped tubes. The aerodynamic shape channels air to pass through freely while remaining lightweight and stiff in its design profile. A wider stance seat stay allows air to pass through the frame, aiding in lateral stiffness and allowing a broad 32mm of tyre clearance. An airfoil seat tube contours and conforms to the shape of the rear wheel. Utilising the FSA aerodynamic cable routing system, the integrated cable routing is fed via the headset into the frame producing a low profile clean finish, keeping the Vanquish posed and sleek. The fork bears no shortcuts, presenting an equally wide stance, increasing airflow, and aiding in stiffness. In the line-up, Titan Racing has introduced four Vanquish models; the Team, Pro, Elite, and Comp. Disc brakes are featured throughout the range and the cockpit comprises of an FSA aero bar and stem, and a Prologo saddle. Of the four bikes, the two hero models are the Team and the Pro. Treated to a Reynolds carbon aero wheelset and SRAM AXS E-Tap wireless gearing, these two bikes are serious racing machines with no inadequacies in the spec department. The whole range is wrapped in Vittoria 25c rubber. As with all Titan Racing Bikes, the Vanquish features a unique 5 Year Multi-User Warranty which is transferable between owners for the first 5 years from the original date of purchase. Vanquish OverviewHigh modulus carbon frame and fork with kammtail shaped tubing. Integrated cockpit. Hidden disc brakes and seat clamp 32mm tyre clearance. FSA aerodynamic cable routing system. Four models; Team, Pro, ELite & Comp. 5 Year Multi-User Warranty. Vanquish Comp Carbon - RRP 33 999.00 Vanquish Elite Carbon - RRP 46 999.00 Vanquish Pro Carbon - RRP 79 999.00 Vanquish Team Carbon - RRP 119 999.00 The popularity of aero bikes and the fascination of going faster with less energy have fueled the demand for product. Certainly, aero bikes are quicker than their round tubed counterparts, and Titan Racing's Vanquish looks the part. While significantly lighter, the aero bike initially drew inspiration from time trial bikes, designed to save you watts by slicing through the air like a freshly sharpened samurai sword. Paired with a balanced combination of speed, weight, and compliance, the Vanquish does just that. Visit Titan Racing website - www.titanracingbikes.com
  4. Please share your thought! Titan Racing are really doing some great work lately and my I got caught into this bike: https://www.titanracingbikes.com/product/cypher-rs-ultimate-carbon/ Very well spec bike for R107k and 5 year multi user warranty Also go and have a look at the new Road bikes on bike addict website, they are also hot looking / well spec and good prices! I would like to give credit where credit is due, so Titan Racing ......very well done for improving the brand! Watch out world!
  5. Hey guys - I'm currently looking at getting myself a titan cypher, carbon, and the 2021 comp seems to be the way to go. At 49.5k from bikehub, it's sitting perfectly in my price range. My aim is to use this bike over the next few years for Freedom Challenge, Munga, Trans Baviaans etc, big, long races. However, I wanted to find out what it weighs, and I've had no luck with this online - anyone here with experience with this bike specifically? It's the black, grey and orange one with the Marzocchi fork. My other option was the 2021 Canyon Lux CF 6 - a little less travel, and a bit more cash (54.5k) but it's sitting at a very attractive 12.11 kgs as listed on the site. Thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Press Release In 2019 Titan Racing launched their much anticipated new full-sus, the Cypher, a fully-fledged racing bike with enough flair to tear up the descents and power through the climbs.A 24-month project for Titan Racing, the Cypher, was well received and their carbon variants were sold with ease. An aluminium version has been in the pipeline for some time and was due to hit dealers early this year however, due to Covid-19 unexpected delays arose, and the stock has only landed much later than anticipated. The idea behind the aluminium Cypher was to provide an equivalent ride-feel as their carbon Cypher and further deliver it in a more affordable package. To achieve this Titan Racing went back to the drawing board and designed the new aluminium frame around the same kinematic and geometry foundation as their carbon bike. A feat not as easy as it seems when comparing 2 different materials for construction. The carbon variant has been a success and we have seen it raced to many a podium via their young Valley Electrical Titan Racing Team, so the commitment to the development of the aluminium version has been just as keen. The end result is a race-ready xc/marathon bike that further rivals its' competitors in ride quality, build quality, and price. With consumers on an infinite quest to get more bang for their buck, Titan Racing have really pushed hard to get the most value out of this new aluminium range whilst still delivering a bike that looks and feels at home on the start line. It is with no doubt that mountain bikers will take a keen interest on the new range of aluminium Cyphers. THE BIKEStructurally the new aluminium Cypher uses hydroformed ultra-lightweight X6 aluminium with smooth welding at key intersections. Aesthetically the frame has the same lines as its’ carbon counterpart and the headtube and seat gusset have been smoothed out to give an illusion of a weld-free frame. A neat feature here is the headtube that resembles their newly launched aluminium hardtail, the Drone, which is a design element that can be found throughout the brands product offerings. Further, a threaded BB has been used just like the carbon version for ease of maintenance, double row bearings fill all key pivot junctions for added stiffness, as well as a Boost 148 rear thru-axle to finish off the rear end. This delivers a beefy package that is both lightweight and extremely durable. As with the carbon variants the geometry is progressive and on trend. The Cypher RS boasts a 69° head angle with the flip chip in the high position and 68.5° in the low. The 120mm Cypher runs a 68° head angle with the flip chip in high, and a 67.5° in low. Reach on a large is 460mm, and the whole range benefits from a shorter stem/wider bar combo cockpit. Both the aluminium Cypher & Cypher RS feature a flip-chip which adjusts the geometry half a degree on the head angle and six millimetres on the BB, and internal cable routing for a dropper post, all gear shift cables, rear brake, and a rear remote lockout. Boost rear-axle spacing allow tire clearance of up to 2.35 inches letting you reap the benefits of larger volume tires. The frame has been designed with a low stand over height allowing the rider more control in those technical sections, and 2 water bottles comfortably fit inside the front triangle. A real must have for anyone wanting to race or do longer rides. The difference between the Cypher RS and the Cypher is the latter having 20mm's extra travel. In addition to this the Cypher features 780mm riser bars, 2.35" tires and a 125mm Manic dropper post compared to the RS variant with 750mm bars, 2.25" tires, and no dropper post. Both offerings are readily capable to take on a multitude of terrains and events with the choice being the riders to match their preferred style of riding; racing snake or trail shredder. OPTIONSThe new aluminium Cypher range is available in six colour/spec options. The Cypher RS 100mm comes in the Elite at the highest price point, followed by the Comp, Expert and a ladies version the Calypso Expert. The Cypher 120mm version comes in two options, the Comp and the Expert. VIEW RANGE: https://www.titanracingbikes.com/mtb-range/ CYHER RS ELITE RRP R39 999-00 CYPHER RS COMP RRP R31 999-00 CYPHER RS EXPERT RRP R27 999-00 CYPHER RS CALYPSO EXPERT RRP R27 999-00 CYPHER COMP RRP R32 999-00 CYPHER EXPERT RRP R28 999-00 ABOUT THE CYPHER & CYPHER RSThe Cypher and Cypher RS is a short travel bike based on the metric shock standard. Using a metric standard shock allows for the design of two travel variations using the same frame by taking advantage of the ability to adjust the stroke length of the shock without affecting the eye-to-eye dimensions. A difference of 7.5mm on the stroke translates into 20mm of travel at the rear axle resulting in two variants; the 100mm Cypher RS which has a 37.5mm stroke length while the Cypher has a 45mm stroke. The decision to include a flip-chip into the design expands the riding capabilities of the Cypher and Cypher RS, enabling the ability to customise the geometry to the preference of the rider for trail conditions. In the low position, the head angle is reduced by half a degree, and the BB drops by 6mm. A gently progressive leverage ratio is balanced between the ability to resist harsh bottom outs while still allowing the full use of travel. Progressive means that more force needs to be applied the further into the travel the rear axle moves in order to compress the shock – this makes for a supportive ride feel that is stable and composed. The leverage rate has been optimised so that it is not overly progressive, allowing for full use of travel. Anti-squat figures have been calculated to function optimally around 85-115% on 32T – 34T chainrings, those being the most popular size for 12-speed drive systems. VERDICTTitan Racing is a brand focused on the consumer and they set out to offer customers more than just another bike. They strive to offer next level products at fair value money where they aim to improve their customers riding experience. Their designers look to create frames with forward thinking geometry, functional designs and stylish looks. They pair this with clever part choices to allow the best in category bikes for their customers. They call this the SMART Choice. The new aluminium range definitely fits this brief and the Cypher & Cypher RS will be the answer to many a consumers question of which bike next. All Titan Racing Bikes feature a unique 5 Year Multi-User Warranty. Please make sure you register your bike.
  7. Project Cypher Titan Racing has been gaining traction rapidly with the expansion of our product line and the introduction of apparel and accessory ranges. It all started when brand founder, Robbie Luis, set his sights on expanding the brand and adopting a new way of thinking; the SMART choice - striving to offer next-level products at fair value money where we aim to improve our customers riding experience.The Forge Concept Lab was established and headed up by our head designer, Cliff Beckett. The brief was clear; design a marathon/XC bike with two water bottle cages, that climbs as well as it descends. While we did not redesign what a bike is or even should be, we went back to basics and built a bike focused on the riding. A truly SMART choice for the racer that wants a bike with a little more versatility. Two Bike Options With more rocks, roots, drops and jumps scattered along XC courses and the trails we froth to ride our capabilities have progressed and steered towards riding more capable bikes. Slacker head angles, longer reach, and dare we say more travel has become frequent sightings at the weekend grind.The new Cypher and Cypher RS fits right into this new age of riding with its progressive geometry. In short, the Cypher and Cypher RS is a short travel bike based on the metric shock standard. Using a metric standard shock allows for the design of two travel variations using the same frame by taking advantage of the ability to adjust the stroke length of the shock without affecting the eye-to-eye dimensions. A difference of 7.5mm on the stroke translates into 20mm of travel at the rear axle resulting in two variants; the 100mm Cypher RS has a 37.5mm stroke length while the Cypher has a 45mm stroke. In addition to the extra 20mm’s of travel on the Cypher it is spec’d with a wider 780mm bar compared to the 750mm flat bar on the Cypher RS. Other subtle hints to the capability and intended riding style of the Cypher include wider 2.35 tires and a Manic 125mm dropper post. CYPHER RS – 100mm of travel front and rear CYPHER – 120mm of travel front and rear Cypher RS – 100mm100mm rear wheel travel 100mm fork BB height – 333mm (High setting) (*Est. Vittoria Barzo 2.25 tire) Head tube angle - 69° (High setting) Cypher – 120mm120mm rear wheel travel 120mm fork BB height – 342mm (High setting) (*Est. Vittoria Barzo 2.35 tire) Head tube angle - 68° (High setting) A Wider Range of Riding One bike with a little more variety, because every trail is not the same. The decision to include a flip-chip into the design expands the riding capabilities of the Cypher and Cypher RS, enabling the ability to customise the geometry to the preference of the rider for trail conditions. In the low position, the head angle is reduced by half a degree, and the BB drops by 6mm. This allows riders to take full advantage of the bike and hit the descents and technical sections with elevated velocity. A Balanced Bike Both the Cypher and Cypher RS have been designed around 1x drivetrains specifically. A gently progressive leverage ratio is balanced between the ability to resist harsh bottom outs while still allowing the full use of travel. Progressive means that more force needs to be applied the further into the travel the rear axle moves in order to compress the shock – this makes for a supportive ride feel that is stable and composed. The leverage rate has been optimised so that it is not overly progressive, allowing for full use of travel. Anti-squat figures have been calculated to function optimally around 85-115% on 32T - 34T chainrings, those being the most popular size for 12-speed drive systems. The Details Keeping up with industry trends and innovations the Cypher and Cypher RS frame use BSA threaded BB cups as opposed to press-fit for ease of maintenance and rider concerns over creaky BB’s. Additionally, the frame has internal cable routing solutions for a stealth dropper post, all gear shift cables, rear brake, and a remote lockout cable for the rear shock. Rear-axle standard is Boost 148, which allows us to maximise tire clearance without having to compromise on the rear centre length. The Cypher and Cypher RS can carry two water bottles inside the front triangle where they can be easily accessed while riding, a must for racing. A low standover height is perfect for those technical sections and showing your buddies your best whip. More Options We have really paid close attention to the market and delivering bikes at various price points. The Cypher and Cypher RS are available in both full carbon fibre options that feature the same carbon layup as well as more budget-friendly full aluminium versions. All the Cypher and Cypher RS bikes are spec’d with 1x12 drivetrains and shorter stems paired with a wider bar. On the top end bikes, carbon bars, seat posts, and rims are standard.Overall, the Cypher and Cypher RS are aimed to bridge the gap between quality high-end bikes that make riding more enjoyable and affordability. A genuine pledge to our commitment to quality lies with our 5 Year Multi-User Warranty that enables consumers to sell their bikes with a Warranty still in place. Geometry Read an interview with the Cypher designer here. For more information visit: https://titanracingbikes.com/mtb-range/Website: https://titanracingbikes.com/ Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/titanracingbikes/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjEMuojnvt7vEHrybzWR-OQ
  8. Hi All, Please note the following bike was STOLEN from our shop (Bicycle Line) last week Wednesday 7th of August 2019. Titan Valerium PRO 54cm with flat pedals. The bike is brand new. The guy paid with a fake proof of payment. He bought it under the name Emmanual Sekhula (possibly fake name) If you see this bike anywhere please let us know. Please call/WhatsApp us asap if you see anything. 083 288 4746
  9. Both ranges are available in two variants, the Pro and the Elite models. The big difference between the two models is the choice of groupset; the Pro being spec’d with the Shimano Ultegra and the Elite with the Shimano 105. To date, the entry of the bikes in the market has been well received and sales have done exceptionally well on both ranges according to Titan Racing Bikes. The Valerian Pro is Titan Racing’s answer to a fast, lightweight bike dedicated to racing. From first looks the Valerian Pro really is eye catching with its’ bold racing red paint job and Elite looks premium with its’ stealth black-on-black decals and paint job. The internal cable routing, clean lines and integrated seat clamp present an overall sleek looking bike. A closer look at the Valerian frame reveals that both the Pro and Elite models are designed with the same carbon layup. The combined weight for frame and fork is around 1500 grams. Geometry wise the Valerian sports a slightly steeper head angle at 71 degrees which adds to the bikes overall agility and racer feel. The frame presents a solid and stiff ride without any noticeable energy sapping flex. An impressive display of the capabilities of this bike lie with the Valley Electrical Titan Racing Team who have powered the Valerian Pro to multiple wins over the past few months. Tiffany Keep’s latest achievements on the bike include winning the Knysna 116km Road Race in June and the USSA 2019 event last week in the Cape. The Valerian Pro is spec’d with a pro level race ready groupset; the Shimano Ultegra with Ultegra hydraulic discs. The wheelset on the Pro is also from Shimano, a RS170 disc wheelset that complements the build nicely. The saddle and handle bars are in house Titan Racing parts and the Pro is fitted with a carbon fiber seat post. As with all of Titan Racings’ bikes, the Valerian is sold with a unique 5 Year Multi-User Warranty. A closer look at the two Valerian models: Valerian Pro (RRP 33 999.00) FrameNew Carbon Valerian Road frame with 12mm Thru AxleFrame SizesFrame Sizes: 47cm / 49cm / 53cm / 56cm / 59cmForkCarbon Valerian Fork with 12mm Thru AxleCranksetShimano Ultegra 50/34TCassetteShimano 11-28TRear DerailleurShimano UltegraFront DerailleurShimano UltegraShiftersShimano Ultegra DiscBrakesShimano Ultegra DiscHubsShimano RS170 Centerlock DiscRimsShimano RS170 Disc WheelsetTyresVittoria Rubino 700x 25C FoldingSaddleTRC TrimTechSeat PostTRC Carbon 27.2mmHandlebarsTRCStemTRCWeight8,65kg Valerian Elite (RRP 24 999.00) FrameNew Carbon Valerian Road frame with QRForkCarbon Valerian Fork with QRCranksetShimano 105 50/34TCassetteShimano 11-28TRear DerailleurShimano 105Front DerailleurShimano 105ShiftersShimano 105 DiscBrakesTektro DiscHubsTRC DiscRimsTRC WheelsetTyresVittoria Rubino 700x 25C FoldingSaddleTRC TrimTechSeat PostTRC C 27.2mmHandlebarsTRCStemTRC Frame Geometry Frame47cm / 49cm / 53cm / 56cm / 59cmStack550mmHead angle71 degreesHead tube length115mmTop Tube length550mmSeat Tube length500mmBB Height274.5mmWheelbase988mmChainstay length408mmReach392mm Visit the Titan Racing website to find out more about the Valerian and other Titan Racing bike models.
  10. The all-new Switch gravel frame is formed from lightweight carbon fibre and is new to the Titan Racing line up as they roll out their new range of carbon bikes this year. The Switch is definitely on the racier side of gravel bikes with close attention being paid to offer an all-round versatile bike that can take on a variety of off-road terrains as riders look to push their limits of racing and adventure. A through-and-through gravel grinder, the Switch has been designed for the beaten path, weight has been kept to a minimum at every point whilst maintaining value, a key element for most as a gravel bike will not be our only bike. Taking an overall look at the Switch, the new carbon fibre frame is stiff and the fork is fitted with a carbon steerer that further reduces the weight. With the purpose of a gravel bike being an offroad bicycle, the choice of carbon fibre is welcoming as it not only keeps the weight down to offer its’ best performance but helps absorb some of the vibrations. Other features include internal cable routing which keeps cables hidden from the elements and presents an overall sleek looking bike, three water bottle mounts, 12mm thru-axles aid in stiffness and strength, disc brakes make an obvious choice as they offer braking performance in all conditions, and an increased tire clearance allows you to run wider higher volume tires for better grip and comfort. Lastly, the Switch comes with Titan Racing’s 5 Year Multi-User Warranty which is a massive bonus when buying carbon. The Switch is available in two spec options; the Pro and the Elite. Both bikes have a flawless paint job with the Elite looking more stealth and the Pro a little racier, finished off in hot red and gloss black. The Pro being the flagship model is spec’d with a full Shimano Ultegra drivetrain with hydraulic disc brakes, the Elite is generously spec’d with Shimano 105 and cable discs. Both drivetrains are fitted with gravel ratios; 46/36. The Pro gets the extra comfort of the carbon seatpost and Shimano RS170 wheelset whilst both bikes are fitted with Vittoria Terreno tubeless ready tires which will cope with the rugged terrain while remaining comfortable with the extra volume rubber. The frame geometry on the Switch is designed for tackling long-distances with emphasis on efficiency on gravel and tar, with a reach that’s optimized for performance. The head tube angle is also on the racier side and the slightly flared drop gravel bars offer a wider hand positioning for off-road riding without compromising on-road ergonomics. This really allows the rider to take full advantage of the speed and performance of this bike, once again targeting the racer. With South Africa’s vast terrain and endless dirt roads that are ripe for racers and adventurers alike, the Switch may become the answer to many of our gravel bike itches. A versatile bike offering a high-quality build on a lightweight frame, at a competitive price. Titan Racing Switch Geometry Head over to the Titan Racing website here for more information on the Switch gravel bike range. Titan Switch Pro Titan Switch Elite Take a look at the Bike Hub review of the Titan Racing Switch Pro.
  11. Jerseys and Shorts The Titan Racing apparel ranges can easily be split into 2 categories; the Club kit aimed at racers and enthusiasts looking for a traditional lycra kit, and the Shredder kit, aimed at trail riders and mountain biker’s looking for a loose fitting, comfortable alternative that is still functional. The apparel was designed to be extremely breathable, lightweight and highly moisture-wicking. This is achieved by using a combination of Cool-Max Fabric and breathable mesh. The cut has been labelled as slim fit throughout range which makes the kit look more fitted and sit comfortably without having excess material that bunches up. Gel grippers were used throughout and keep the apparel snuggly in place when riding. The Club kit features a full-length zipper on the jersey with three easy to reach pockets, including a cell phone pocket and mesh side panels. The bib shorts are constructed from 7 panels stitched together which help with mobility and a thick padded foam chamois ensures a comfortable sit in the saddle for those long days out. Available in men’s and ladies cuts with various colour options. The Shredder Trail kit comprises of casual cut shirts that are a slim fit. The fabric is exceptionally light and breathable and the jersey features a dedicated cell phone pocket. The shorts are made from a combination of nylon, spandex and polyester. Intended to be more robust and capable of withstanding some abuse the Shredder shorts still manage to be breathable thanks to a few cleverly placed ventilation holes. Additional features include adjustable waist straps, and zippered pockets making for easy access to store goodies. Ultimately these shorts are super versatile and allow great freedom of movement. Helmets All of the Titan Racing helmets offer superb styling and stacked with professional features including excellent airflow efficiency, removable padding and a comfortable fit. The Easy-Fit adjustment system ensures a secure fit for various shapes and sizes and there’s a host of colour options in each range. The in-mould construction which joins the inner polystyrene cap to the outer polycarbonate one, ensures a better shock absorption which guarantees great protection to the head. All of the Titan Racing helmets feature a 5-Year-Crash Replacement-Warranty. The Shredder helmet, best suited to trail riders and mountain bikers features 23 air vents, a clip in peak, removable padding and additional protection. Weighing only 270 grams combined with the excellent airflow it’s light and comfortable for a full day out on the trails on a hot summer’s day. The Stealth helmet looks the part with its’ aggressive race style. Aimed as a racers helmet, it’s lightweight and offers excellent airflow with an aerodynamic design. Finally the Junior Range comprises of 16 air vents, an Easy-Fit adjustment system and it’s available in plenty colour options. Gloves Titan Racing have launched three glove options; the Clutch, a full finger glove, the Twitch, a short finger glove, and the Juniour, a kids glove. The Twitch and the Clutch have palms designed with a three-panel construction made from synthetic leather for a tailored fit. Synthetic leather is more durable and easier to care for making it the smart choice. The thumbs have terry cloth which is great at absorbing moisture and wiping sweat away. On the Clutch long finger glove, the palm and fingers feature Cool Air ventilation holes to reduce moisture inside the glove and the Twitch features 9 strategically placed thick foam pads at known hotspots. The uppers of the gloves are made up of moisture wicking materials are lightweight and breathable. Both gloves have a slip-on design for ease of use. The Junior glove is made from lycra with a foam padding and non-slip grippers on the palms. Socks Stepping into the sock game Titan Racing have started with two designs. The socks are made from a breathable fabric and single layer cuff. The mid-length socks are available in multiple colours and the Club sock is their thicker, extra cushioned sock for comfort, whilst the Race is lightweight extra breathable sock for those hotter days. Full range of Apparel: Jerseys Shredder Jersey - RRP R550 Club Mens Jersey - RRP R599 Club Ladies Jersey - RRP R599 Shorts Shredder Shorts - RRP R599 Club Mens Bib - RRP R599 Club Ladies Shorts - RRP R599 Helmets Shredder Helmet - RRP R750 Stealth Helmet - RRP R750 Junior Helmet - RRP R400 Gloves Clutch Glove - RRP R299 Twitch Glove - RRP R250 Junior Glove - RRP R130 Socks Club Sock - RRP R90[/caption] Stealth Sock - RRP R90[caption] Eyewear Vision Sunglasses - RRP R350
  12. Sup guys, Shopping for a 140mm travel bike. And then out of nowhere the Skyrim pops up. So I need some feedback from you blokes on the bikes, and which one you would buy or what you would rather look at for around the same price... Details: (I only care about 2 bikes in the range) Skyrim Comp: https://www.titanracingbikes.com/product/titan-comp-140mm-plus-skyrim-trail-bike/ Skyrim Elite: https://www.titanracingbikes.com/product/titan-elite-140mm-plus-skyrim-trail-bike/ I'm leaning more towards the comp for ease of maintenance and having a 1x system. I also don't give a hoot about weight. It's all about enjoying the rides. Geometry: Frame Dimensions Small Medium Large Frame Size (inches) 17″ 19″ 21″ Head Tube Angle (degrees) 67º 67º 67º Head Tube Length (mm) 120 130 140 Top Tube Length (mm) 553 570 590 Seat Tube Angle (v) 74º 74º 74º Seat Tube Angle (a) 69.5º 69.5º 69.5º Seat Tube Length (mm) 432 465 521 Bottom Bracket Drop (mm) 33 33 33 Bottom Bracket Height (mm) 324.5 324.5 324.5 Wheelbase (mm) 1174 1193 1212 Chain Stay Length (mm) 450 450 450 Axle to Crown (mm) 554 554 554 Fork Offset (mm) 51 51 51 Reach 415 430 445 Stack 634 643 652 Thoughts? Ideas? Alternatives?
  13. A few things to consider: 1. Bike weight Bikes can be difficult for kids to manoeuvre, and the heavier the bike the more difficult this becomes. Most kid’s bikes are made either from aluminium or steel.2. Stand over height Even when kids have learnt to ride they still need time to adjust to a new bike. A low standover height aids not only in the learning phase but also helps with balance when mounting and dismounting. 3. Quality By using high-quality brake levers and shifters it makes shifting and pulling the brakes easier for small hands and thumbs. These components are robust and investing in a good quality kids bike can save you money in the long run. 4. Accidents do happen Inevitably your little one will fall off their bike. This makes wearing a suitable helmet so important. 5. Be seen If your kids are going to ride in public areas, they need to be visible. Ensure your child has front and back lights switched on so they are noticeable to other road users. About the Titan Racing Junior Range The Titan Racing Junior Range is built on lightweight hydroformed aluminium frames designed specifically to meet the needs of kids. A mix of lightweight kids’ specific components are used to best spec our bikes in terms of quality and price. All our bikes feature a low standover height to ensure kids always feel comfortable, at ease and in control of their bike. Our bikes feature a unique 5 Year Multi-User Warranty. Choosing the right size Unlike adult bikes, where frame size is determined by the seat tube length, kids' bikes are instead sized on their wheel diameter. The below guide should let you know what size wheels you are looking for. Suitable for 2-4 years of age: 12-inch wheels Titan Racing 12” – RRP 1 349.00A balance bike or push bike provides a great platform to learn on as they can be ridden from a young age and teach children balance and coordination. These bikes do not have pedals and are propelled and stopped by your child's feet, rather than a drivetrain and brakes. Things to look for are overall weight, tubed tyres and an adjustable saddle that allows room for growth. Suitable for 4-6 years of age: 16-inch wheels Titan Racing 16” – RRP 2 995.00This category sees your child moving to a bike with pedals, brakes and a single speed drivetrain. As your child is young, the lighter the bike the easier it is to pedal. Consider an aluminium frame as it is lighter than steel. Suitable for 5-8 years of age: 20-inch wheels Titan Racing 20” V-Brake – RRP 3 879.00 Titan Racing 20” Disc Brake – RRP 4 499.00The first step towards a real mountain bike with geared drivetrains, working suspension forks and powerful brakes. These features allow your kids to ride all terrains with ease and really enjoy their riding. Suitable for 7-11 years of age: 24-inch wheels Titan Racing 24” V-Brake – RRP 4 399.00 Titan Racing 24” Disc Brake – RRP 4 999.00This size offers all the benefits of full-size bikes in terms of design and spec with the only difference being that the bike is optimized for smaller wheels. Quality suspension forks and a wider range of gears increase the capability of these bikes. Suitable for 10+ years of age: 26-inch wheels Titan Racing 24”9R – RRP 5 399.00 Titan Racing 24”9R Pro – RRP 8 899,00 26” Bikes cater for the older segment of the Junior market. Whilst we’ve progressed to 29ers, the 26” wheel size is still the wheel size of choice for many young riders. Manufacturers have now combined small frames with 26” wheels to create the perfect bike for growing kids. At this level, you should be looking at suspension, brakes, drivetrain, tyre options and build quality. Generally, the more you spend the better the bike you will get. View the full Titan Racing Junior Range. Watch Titan Racing Junior Ambassador, Luke Futter, Shred on his Hades 20”Disc Watch Titan Racing Junior Range Video Enter our latest competition to win a Titan Racing Junior helmet and gloves. Share a picture of your kid riding his or her bike on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using @titanracingbikes and #titanracingbikes to stand a chance to win.Subscribe to our email list and Youtube channel to automatically be entered into all our competitions: Titan Racing Youtube Channel Titan Racing Email List Titan Racing Social Media: TR Facebook TR Twitter TR Instagram TR Youtube TR Email List
  14. All you need to do to enter is visit the Titan Racing website at www.titanracingbikes.com and request-a-quote on one of their bikes to be entered into the competition and you stand the chance of winning the selected model. To submit a request-a-quote you must do the following:Step 1: Visit www.titanracingbikes.com Step 2: Click on Products and choose to view one of the following ranges: MTB Range Road Range Junior Range Leisure Range Step 3: Choose a bike of your choice, and click on REQUEST-A-QUOTE Step 4: Enter your details and submit. You can click one of the following links to view the ranges directly from here and enter the competition. The Winner A big congratulation to Marietjie Lutz for winning a Titan Racing Drone Pro to the value of R 22 000.00 in the Black Friday competition.
  15. Titan Racing have announced a Black Friday promotion that will run for the full weekend. Starting 12:00 am on Friday the 23rd and ending at 12:00 pm on Sunday the 25th the promotion will see one lucky person win a Titan Racing bike of their choice. Click here to view the article
  16. “From all of us at Titan Racing, we would like to thank everyone who entered and supported our competition. The overwhelming amount of entrants and positive feedback we received about the brand went further than our expectations. With the festive season around the corner, we’ve decided we would like to give back to the South African cycling community and keep all the cyclists in positive spirits throughout the holidays. How we are going to do this is by giving away a cycling hamper each week. This is our way of saying thank you to our loyal consumers and the cycling community which keeps the cycling industry in South Africa alive and growing. Without all of you, we would not be able to share our passion for bicycles. We would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday.” The weekly competitions will be announced via their social media and email database weekly with the prize available as well as the rules of the competition. All subscribers to the Titan Racing Youtube Channel and Titan Racing Email List will automatically receive an extra entry into the competition each week for each platform. If you would like to sign up for either list or both to receive two entries into each competition every week automatically you can follow the links below: Titan Racing Youtube Channel Titan Racing Email List A big congratulation to Marietjie Lutz for winning a Titan Racing Drone Pro to the value of R 22 000.00 in the Black Friday competition. Titan Racing Social Media:TR Facebook TR Twitter TR Instagram TR Youtube TR Email List The first Titan Racing give-away is now live on Social Media.
  17. For Black Friday, Titan Racing ran a promotion that would see one lucky person ride away on a new Titan Racing bike of their choice. The competition was a great success and they’ve decided to celebrate a little longer with a few more great competitions. Click here to view the article
  18. Titan Bikes, a strong competitor in the entry to mid-level bike market in Africa, announced that it will be changing its corporate identity to Titan Racing Bikes. The identity change reflects the company's broader vision to start manufacturing higher spec’d bikes to cater for the more competitive rider whilst adopting a new International distribution strategy which will see the brand expanding globally. "The new identity – Titan Racing Bikes – allows us to emphasize our expanding product line that caters for a variety of disciplines at different price points. Whilst our core business has always been providing competitively priced products and reliable back-up, we will extend these core values of our brand into our new high-end projects. We have a new bike in the pipeline which we have been working on and should be introduced to the market in 2018. Titan Racing Bikes will also be launching a new apparel and accessories line up which should start filtering into stores later this year and is expected to be a great success.” said Rob Luis, founder and co-owner of Titan Racing Bikes. Our main goal is simply sharing what we love, the empowerment that a bicycle can deliver. The new direction Titan Racing Bikes is embarking on sees the addition of an in-house design team. Heading up this team is Cliff Beckett, formerly of Pyga Bikes and Csixx Components. An avid mountain biker, Cliff has built a reputation within the cycling industry as an independent thinker with a knack for understanding the features that make a bike enjoyable to ride. Through his time working with industry veterans Pat Morewood (Pyga) and Mark Hopkins (Pyga, Csixx, Leatt) he has gained valuable experience and practical knowledge across a variety of roles. Armed with this knowledge he is always thinking about future developments within the industry and how current ideas can be improved upon to deliver better bikes to our riders."I'm stoked with the move to Titan Racing. I feel like the years I spent working at Csixx and Pyga have really given me a unique perspective on the bike industry that would have been impossible to acquire anywhere else. Both Pat and Mark have been great mentors to me over the years and I couldn't begin to describe how much I have learned during my time working with them. I am now in the fortunate position to be able to apply that knowledge and, together with Robbie and the rest of the cool team here at Titan Racing, develop an exciting range of bikes that I can't wait to swing a leg over." The 2018 line up for Titan Racing Bikes sees more than a few new additions. Most notably is their introduction of the 140mm Skyrim Plus Trail Bike. Along with this is their revamped 100mm Sonic Marathon Bike, as well as the new Drone and Rogue ranges. The implementation of Boost technology on their full-suspension frames and disc brakes throughout the road range shows how Titan Racing Bikes has embraced innovation and new market trends.Some of Titan Racing Bikes in-house designs can already be seen as they launch their apparel and accessory ranges. These ranges include Trail, Race and Junior apparel consisting of helmets, eyewear, gloves, cycling kit and even trail baggies. The accessory range is said to offer a range of items from high powered LED lights to CO2 bomb kits and multitools. “Seeing how the brand has grown over the years has far exceeded our expectations and the identity change is an exciting time for us. With clear goals in mind, we are ready to take on the next chapter in our story as we enter the global market.” CJ Wright, Brand Designer. The new identity is effective immediately, and will be implemented across all company communications. The apparel and accessory ranges will be the first products to endorse the new TR logo with the 2019 bikes following suite.
  19. Hi there, Is there a Titan spec/archive somewhere ? I mean on the Internet Thx
  20. Titan Racing Bikes have recently announced their new direction for the future of the brand and the 2018 stock has arrived. As always covering a wide variety of disciplines whilst offering various models at different price points Titan Racing has further extended their choice of offerings. The introduction of full-sus trail bikes, 12” push bikes for the kids, plus sized cruisers and the return of the Whopper fatbike make an exciting line-up for the 2018 range. Click here to view the article
  21. The Sonic full suspension 100mm marathon bike received a revamp for 2018. The lightweight aluminium frame features hydroformed tubing bringing the looks up to date, Boost 148mm hub spacing resulting in better rigidity and less flex in the rear, through axels, internal cable routing and dropper cable routing. Entering into the trail market after the success of their first Plus+ bike, three options are available. The Skyrim is a full suspension 140mm 650B plus trail bike. Highlights include Boost 148mm spacing, internal cable routing and dropper posts across the range. The Plus+ hardtail has a new frame on the higher end models and features a 120mm fork up front, internal cable routing and dropper posts. Following industry trends, the Stryker road range has been treated to disc brakes across all the models as well as a lightweight frame, carbon fibre fork and deep section wheels. The Stryker has a wide appeal to a range of riders at various levels of riding. The well-known hardtail range has been split in 2; the Drone Range and Rogue Range. The Drone range is aimed towards the racer with its lightweight frame, higher spec levels and clean finish. The Rogue range covers the leisure and sport riders offering a solid platform to start off on. Titan Racing offers some of the best Junior bikes in the market covering a full range from 12” to 26” with various options for different price points in each range as well as girls specific bikes. The range has grown larger this year with the addition of 12” push bikes strengthening the offering in the market. Extending the range, the Titan Racing cruiser bikes named Malibu and California offer an updating view on the traditional cruiser. 650B plus tyres, disc brakes and grip shift make this bike different from the rest. Back by popular demand is the Titan Racing Whopper fatbike. Available in the Sport model only, the Whopper caters for those looking to get out on the sandy beaches or snowy tracks at an affordable price point. Website: www.titanracingbikes.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/titanracingbikes Twitter: https://twitter.com/titanracingbike Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/titanracingbikes/
  22. When it comes to trail bikes, Titan Racing has a strong belief that 140mm of travel is the sweet spot. The essential purpose of a trail bike is a bike that is capable of riding uphill and downhill with ease. 140mm is enough to deal with the technical stuff on most trails when things point downhill while still keeping the bike responsive for climbing. The Skyrim was designed around modern trail geometry trends showing how much trail bikes have improved from previous years. Trail bikes in general have a longer reach and a slacker head angle which make these bikes so appealing to trail riders as it directly effects the handling of the bike. With that said, the Skyrim is no exception and it embraces these advances in bike design and is a strong competitor at this price point of the trail bike market. The Skyrim feels comfortable on long flat sections and inclines that require you to stay in the saddle and pedal which shows how much of an all-rounder the bike really is. The bike has a light feel to it when on the trails which means the Skyrim is not limited to only descending but aimed at riders who are looking for more travel and a relaxed riding position for various disciplines of riding.Choosing to go the Plus bike route yields certain benefits for rider. The Skyrim is specced with 2.8 inch tyres which result in extra dampening due to the increased tyre volume, this helps absorb bumps from rocks and roots often found on our trails. Combining this with the much larger contact area found on Plus tyres generally result in more grip which is always welcomed by trail riders. The combination of these results in a bike that offers the rider more confidence, benefitting the average rider to really get the full enjoyment out of the trail they are on. The frame features new Boost technology which allows for larger tyre clearance and an improved chainline. Another advantage of Boost is a stiffer wheel which has less flex under hard cornering which is a real positive for trail riders. The Skyrim range has internal cable routing which keeps the cables out of harms way and presents a neater looking bike. Spec wise the bike comes in three levels. All three levels come standard with a 100mm dropper post, wide riser bars, and short stem. The Skyrim trail bike is a versatile bike that offers good value for money and is easily upgradeable at a later stage should you feel your progression is outpacing the components. This would be a great bike for someone wanting to progress in their trail riding or mountain biking, ticking all the right boxes it poses great value at an affordable price. The Skyrim trail bike range: Skyrim Elite RRP 25 500.00. Full specification here. Skyrim Comp RRP 23 000.00. Full specifications here. Skyrim Trail RRP 18 500.00. Full specification here. Follow Titan Racing Bikes on: Facebook - @titanracingbikes Twitter - @titanracingbike Instagram - @titanracingbikes YouTube - Titan Racing Bikes Email - info@titanracingbikes.com
  23. This new direction began with the introduction of an in-house design team headed up by Cliff Beckett, formerly of Pyga Bikes and Csixx components. Whilst we know they are busy with a few new projects for the 2019 range to be announced later this year, they are still staying true to their values of delivering quality built bikes that are delivered at an affordable price. Looking to share their journey with consumers, they have launched their YouTube channel which will bring you videos from behind the scenes at Titan Racing Bikes, technological innovations and purely awesome riding videos. To celebrate their channels launch they’ve given us a taste of what’s to come with a video montage of their current bike range. Follow Titan Racing Bikes on: Facebook - @titanracingbikes Twitter - @titanracingbike Instagram - @titanracingbikes YouTube - Titan Racing Bikes Email - info@titanracingbikes.com
  24. Late last year Titan Racing Bikes announced their identity rebrand which encompasses the evolution the brand is undertaking. Whilst always perceived as a value brand and a strong competitor in the entry to mid-level bike market, this new direction sees them extending their range to appeal to a new market and ultimately see consumers across the globe enjoying their bikes. Click here to view the article
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