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  1. Thank you for the info. I will make a couple of phone calls.
  2. Thank you for the advice. Let me first see what a rim, hub and cassette is going to set me back and take it from there. Thanks for the offers on the training wheel, i will be in touch soon.
  3. Hi. I recently bought an indoor trainer and need some advice. I use my 29er mtb on the trainer and my rear wheel rubs quite badly on the trainer causing me to burn some rubber off the tyre every time i ride. So i was thinking of getting a training tyre but then i have to swap tyres for every ride and back when i want to ride outdoors. Next option is to buy the cheapest rim and hub setup available to accommodate my 1 x 12 (10-51) shimano groupset. I bought a new tyre so i have the old used one i can use on a new wheel. Any other suggestions, or does anyone perhaps a cheap groupset and wheel combo they are willing to sell that will work for the above?
  4. Quick update: I am utterly impressed with the service. I was kept in the loop of the shipping at all times and my package arrived this morning after putting in my order yesterday morning. They will see me again.
  5. I am very impressed with their service. Made payment this morning and already received my tracking details. They will most definitely see me again.
  6. That is my problem as well, but I need to get the bike's handling spot on. Now to hide the plastic from myself
  7. Thank you for the replies. Much appreciated.
  8. Has anyone bought any Rapide gear before? I am looking at their stems and the price is very reasonable versus other brands out there. I dont know the brand name or the quality. Are they any good or should i rather fork out more money to get something decent?
  9. I bought this and it's the best bike rack ever. Not sure if something like this is available abroad. https://www.takealot.com/bike-rack-wall-mounted-levitate/PLID41472923
  10. Thanks for the info, makes sense. Will get a plate made.
  11. I was also thinking of taking the licensing disc of the other car with to prove it's legit.
  12. I hope this is the correct thread. I have a Thule 2 bike carrier with my bakkie's number plate on it. We are travelling this coming weekend taking another car but with my carrier. Do i need to change the number plate or can i travel with my bakkie's number plate? What should happen if we get pulled over or get a fine and the number plates dont match? Thanks in advance
  13. As mentioned before, this will be my first CTCT. I would like my wife to track my progress as they would like to wait at the finish line. Are there any apps available to track the ride and progress of the cycle tour?
  14. I have remote lockout on my hardtail, i use mine on all road rides up hill otherwise the shock absorbs all the energy.
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