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  1. This explains the tour the France car that I passed on the climb up to my shack yesterday. Seems there is a stage start down in the valley about halfway though.
  2. Been there done it long ago as a kid can confirm its a nasty little surprise
  3. There recovery is sometimes à bit weird I was quoted 6 hours after à 360k ride in Corsica so we did the remaining 250K after a short sleep, Garmin said I was fine but I felt quite broken myself
  4. I am 1m84 80kg and for castelli bib size up two sizes from L to XXL recently got some winter bibs cos they where cheap in XXXL and they even aren't too big.
  5. That was 90% the motorbike's fault, left way to late and blocked the view of the corner, then hampered his line choice stopping and likely brroke his consetration also. That cut all his rythem though the corner. Motorbike Driver should be banned for rest of the event.
  6. Voeckler was definitely not a nowhere cyclist he was quite (very) good. Lacking just this little bit compared to the very best. He was just very good at playing the underdog and faking suffering when the camera was near(an then still be there an hour later when the group was only a quarter its size). Although I respect his quality as a cyclist I dislike the fake personage.
  7. I can do you three in thirtu seconds Geert Van Bondt Jeroen Blijlevens and Pete van Petegem thats 100% sure
  8. Jasper know's he just bought a nex car apparently
  9. I got my cluster over the 1500 mark recently slowly working on this one the last weeks. Max square only up by one to 29. Missing tiles are on bloody steep mountain so waiting for winter to end and better legs to arrive with the sunshine before going after them. On the other side I am blocked by the freign legions shooting range so that definitely out as progress direction I guess.
  10. Lefevre did this before for the PR with a disgraced Richard Virenque. He said afterwards that the return was there even before he rode his first mile in a race. Cav 's gonna be the same as he pays him little publicity return is gonna be there before or with the first pedal stroke. Might be another surprise they didn't expect Virenque to be able to perform again which surprisingly he did, mabe Cav is gonna be the same. Though I believe we have a pre and past Epstein Barr Cavendish. I admit I actually got a strong dislike for the guy, but people have been too harsh on him for his non performing. Truly believe the virus has some long term effects(I sadly experienced it myself) its only à couple of % but at that level it means you go from héro to (almost)zéro).
  11. Does it come in red too?? Pity my godchild is only 6 months old she could have been the fastest girl in town.
  12. Why didn't you guys swap wheels with one of the male riders? Must admit I only rode DC once with a rather competitve team. We agreed beforehand that a puncture would mean you where left behind unless below a certain number of riders left at a certain distances out. When I punctured 10 to 15 k's from the last climb(old ceres route). I shouted puncture bye good luck thinking I got off easily . But I forgot rule n°2 if you hear puncture and you are k@king badly or haven't pulled for a while you stop and give a wheel(was before disc brakes so rather easy). I got short changed by Stuart who gave me his wheel. But then I was promised before the start I could quit at the last climb as long as I rode myself moertoe between the climbs. So I continued to ride at the front at 40 or so, then at the bottom I got short changed again by good old David Garret. Who told me dude look we are only 7 left and the little kid is f"cked. So I got to do the climb as well as the new last man standing. Got short changed on the downhill again as the bloody borrowed wheel only had a 12 sproket on it. Did take some revenge on the ride into town. Best memory of my cycling days.
  13. Recovery will depend a lot from person to person. One of my mates is still feeling helt back 6 months after. Myself I most likely got it late february, not tested cos all hell was still to break loose. Fatigue, snot muscle pain loss of smell(which back then was not on the symptoms list) no real fever though). My legs felt like I had done 200 k's and gone out hard whilst I had almost not ridden for 2-3 weeks. During recovery did some running (5k's) and short rides(as we where now in lockdown) Two months of this basic riding I was less then 10% of my power output of 2019(I was down on that one already before I got ill)
  14. Been there on the old route in Ceres I was told before the ride that I could bail before the last long climb as I was the biggest guy on the team. You ride yourself into the ground on the rolling stretch and then you just cruise home. 10k before the climb having been going at it full throttle for a long while I was told sorry dude only 7 left you are now going to Ceres as number 6. Moolman Welgemoed had the same joke pulled on him. Had my revenge coming into Ceres 7 minutes flat over the last 5k's
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