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  1. You're asking the wrong person. I don't do races/events
  2. never mind the price - do people actually wear glasses that look so k a k ?
  3. Also Plum Pudding and MOAB on Table Mountain for a short but sharp bit of fun
  4. The Glen single track is lekker. Long pedal back up though
  5. Jeez you're quick. I've got 2 episodes to go.
  6. fekkall gists got on my side either. I thought maybe it's millennial speak and I'm too old to understand so I just shut up.
  7. eish, Cederberg in November is faaaaaaarking hot.
  8. to go with your chainring tatoo. because every cyclist has one
  9. what Robbie said - Conters for the win. Nice thing about Conters is there are so many different options, you can play on the trails endlessly. It's not just one continuous loop.
  10. watched that on as well. It was okish. That lead character is in this series which is brilliant
  11. yes I also tend to watch the foreign language stuff. It is much better in the original language with subtitles.
  12. is it good? the show, not the dog...
  13. I'd rather do the epic. and I have no desire to do the epic whatsoever.
  14. busy with this at the moment. Very good https://www.netflix.com/za/title/80190519
  15. I bought my first pair of @oakleybike Eyeshade back in 1988 from @olympiccycles. The Eyeshade and @oakley has been symbolic of everything that cycling means to me, dreams and freedom. After Greg LeMond won his first #TourdeFrance in 1986 sporting a the Eyeshade. I had to own a pair. I think I realize more and more why I am prepared to mark my body with brands that I revere and adore, it’s my story. It’s a chapter out of the book of my book my life. It’s my passion. criticized or revered, this is my expression. Jeez, what a load of drivel.
  16. You're showing your age quoting 4 Jack's and a Jill
  17. do you get a free power balance bracelet when you're done?
  18. great road that. I was also impressed by the neatness of the lay-by's especially the one where the waterfall walk starts. Toilets were spotless
  19. never understood why cyclists want to look like Pete Sampras
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