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  1. Not sure if this is the correct thread. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/209044303880498/ 6k for a dual sus bmc. May be a legit ad.
  2. I was told its arrows to point you in the direction you're supposed to go when hitting the jump line
  3. After nearly 10 years of riding this is by far my most exciting purchase. Built by my good friend @Meezo My first dual sus! Still needs a couple things like proper trail tyres amd a longer travel dropper but hey, its rolling
  4. been using a set of egde designs xr300 as training wheels for a short while and no complaints so far, weighing in at 1490g priced at R2350. with a weight limit of 95kg I'm no expert, just thought I'd share this
  5. This line especially "the places you see that cannot be accessed by any other means".
  6. Sad to see there are guys coming to these events with one thing in mind. Hope you get your own back guys.
  7. Cycled pass the accident this morning at around 8am. Didn't stop to see what happened(ran late for work), Didn't even know it was a cyclist, there wasn't a bicycle around. Condolences to the Family
  8. I just bought a Watu about an hour ago from Crown Cycles(Claremont). They're going for R450. Dunno if this helps seeing that you guys are in Pretoria etc.
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