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  1. At least his pricing is approaching some sort of normality... I commend him for trying to make some money on the side but sometimes it just feels like he is going through the garbage at bike shops and selling the crap that they throw away to unsuspecting buyers. Someone starting out cycling would be way better served with a bike that has recent entry level components than a bike with a mismatch of questionable old parts.
  2. Apparently Germans trust/use their Postal system a lot more than we do. One of friends moved over there and they mailed him a OTP to register on his medica aid app, granted he did have the OTP within 24 hours.
  3. He is also selling a non-tandem frame with two BB’s. 🤦🏻‍♂️ https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/hardtail-mountain-bike-frames/472712/wheeler-69-pro Are we actually helping him advertise this crap by talking about it?
  4. Just wow! I can't wait to see that Stayn bike Zarras is developing, at least he would (hopefully) know what the brand and specifications is of the product he is selling. Pricing and build might be a little bit off though... Where does he source the stuff he sells?
  5. Except now companies like Niner is putting front and rear suspension on them as well. It really feels like we are going around in circles. https://ninerbikes.com/products/mcr-9-rdo Sorry for derailing (pun intended) the original thread, I cant see non-indexed shifters making a big comeback for mainstream bikes soon.
  6. It happens in other sports as well. https://www.runnersworld.com/races-places/a20851430/runner-says-4-others-bandited-with-her-number-at-boston/
  7. Literally a virtual pivot point (VPP) suspension system. How much would linkages and hardware cost (if it is even available)?
  8. Any recommendations for a tool roll? I want to take some bike tools along when I go away for a weekend but not necessarily take along a whole toolbox.
  9. As per previous years, really nice event and a a proper day out. The changes to the 45 km route was really good and I'll be back again. Hopefully we can camp at Mouton farm underneath those Oak trees next to the dam one day without having to do The U.
  10. I use Avenza Maps quite a bit for hiking. You can import GPX files and download good South African topo maps for free.
  11. A Guerilla Gravity Trail Pistol frame could be an option as well, framesets seems to cost around R40k but I wonder how much shipping etc. will add. https://ridegg.com/products/trailpistol?option=Frameset+%26+Custom
  12. I went from a 130 mm Fox 32 to a 140 mm PIke on my 29er and the difference in fork stiffness was very noticeable, especially on braking bumps etc. I am on the heavier side so this obviously has an influence.
  13. Pyga Hyrax for the win! If it's SA built you are pretty much only looking at Mercer and Pyga, all the other bikes have local roots (FARR and Silverback as well) but they are built oversees. Morewood and Produx was also built locally.
  14. Something like that (even just a floorpump) would be handy at most trailcenter parkings.
  15. This is probably a bit easier way to do it... https://www.lockheedmartin.com/en-us/products/sikorsky-firehawk.html Massive respect to those pilots, I thinks it’s difficult enough flying a helicopter without smoke, heat and a 4000 kg pendulum hanging below.
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