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  1. Gravel bike - R700 over the last year
  2. thanks resolved Trek has sourced it for me
  3. hi it does keep the pedal in place once threaded into place as its currently moving from side to side so once screwed in it also keeps the pedal from moving around
  4. Hi I need a little screw in cap which I lost but cannot buy for a bontrager MTB pedal If anyone has a spare I would be eternally grateful see pic below cheers
  5. how did the home made fork bags hold up ? What straps did you use and did they damage or scratch the fork?
  6. I am going to do a 80km Loop starting at Rhebokskloof Wine Estate on Sat at 08h00 - easy pace gravel bike - doing mostly gravel riding Message me if you want to join
  7. any gravel riding groups in Durbanville or around ?
  8. thats a bit late everyone is going back to golf now ......
  9. It shouldnt be so hard though - Luckily some bikes are going back to threaded BB which is super. The curse of the freekin creekin - it will find you and it will drive you mental
  10. There is plenty of guys doing DW runs in a double you can find them on FB OR you can ask Dawid Mocke he does DW's in a double HUGE fun and makes you feels tiny when the wind pumps and the swell is 3-4m plus pushing you along - knowing what swims beneath .......
  11. gravel all the way - plenty of Gravel locally and some awesome weekend bikepacking type gravel rides to be done I think ANC might make gravel bikes compulsory soon
  12. stop now if you want to save thousands of thousands of rands
  13. once a month you can swop toys - you can straighten your hair and she can ride your bike
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