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  1. Okay thanks that is helpful- I wasn't able to find that information So it seems I'll be okay sticking with these hubs, thanks guys for the comprehensive info!
  2. So specs should be- F- Giant Tracker Performance Boost 15x110, sealed bearing [R] - Giant Tracker Giant Sport QR141, loose ball What I got instead is: F- shimano FH-MT410 R- Shimano FH-MT401
  3. So I bought a new bike and the specs of the bike online said the front hub is a sealed Giant unit. In the bike shop I checked all specs except the hubs for some reason (trusted the web specs). Then I see the front hub is not a sealed unit and not a Giant hub either. (The rear hub is also not a Giant hub, different to the web specs) Dragons sports are the guys to contact and Gavin Salt tells me they made a running change and on dragon's website it is stated that the front hub is a non sealed unit and not a Giant hub. I didn't even think to check dragon's site beforehand to check for specs. Kinda disappointing. Gavin basically said it makes no difference and if I want a sealed hub I must wait until next year and then there may be rotor compatibility issues. Any thoughts on this from anyone who knows more than I do? And how much better is a sealed hub?
  4. Wow,.. Talk about karma.. sheesh... Modderfontein used to be called a Nature Reserve The signs and wording now just say Modderfontein Reserve The word Nature has been deleted... They also have removed many of the larger animals out of the reserve...
  5. Rode green today, been extended to 22km with the addition of the river section - awesome. The river section has extra distance too which is great. Nice ride. Well done.
  6. So its a real oke. With a real workshop. Who just happened to forget the difference between a 650b and 29 fork. Who just happened to forget about the thru axle. But was happy to take your money and then send the fork and is happy to mess you around for days. This is 1 dodgy oke, he must refund you and then you send him his fork.
  7. Nice carrier. I have a hatchback and I have on mine the Saris Bones 2. This new EX one works even better with spoilers on top so it looks awesome. My dual sus just fits on the 1st attachment point but not the 2nd- I got a bike bar for this purpose and it works well and does the job creating an artificial temporary str8 top tube- any of them will work whether Saris or the buzz rack one from Sportsmans' or the used Thule one I have which I luckily picked up for a bargain on Bike Hub.
  8. gravel?... Maxxis Ardent 2.4 front Maxxis Minnion ss 2.35 back good luck
  9. Had a good ride there today. Trails are looking good. Had fun on the berms and the forest section loops are good fun. Circle loop out to end off. The lady with the dog on the mtb trail with the dog.. on the little bridge thing.. that was dumb.. was either me or her and glad she jumped out the way.
  10. On sale half price- but limited sizes https://www.firstascent.co.za/men-s-upshift-mtb-shorts?utm_term=&utm_campaign=&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&hsa_acc=9477659762&hsa_cam=1338915013&hsa_grp=53277706466&hsa_ad=260618950680&hsa_src=g&hsa_tgt=pla-297034033841&hsa_kw=&hsa_mt=&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_ver=3&gclid=CjwKCAjw74b7BRA_EiwAF8yHFGA6owUJIkobbuo2P-BomdlavpTNVWapKdWOdtt6pWiR0dDLxhplwhoCUv0QAvD_BwE
  11. Modderfontein used to be called Modderfontein nature reserve When The Zendai chinese came along the name was changed to Modderfontein reserve... That for me said it all.. Reserved for development and complexes etc was only a matter of time until they skopped the animals out.. each year the "reserve" grows smaller... Oh well Progress? For some.. Pity that South Africa does not have proper safe protected places.. safe from crime and development and corruption.. like Central Park in NYC in the mighty USA... Starring to ride more around my area.. becoming a grateful tourist in my suburb..
  12. Go to Huddle Trails group on Facebook- big discussion there & they respond- Not just Huddle full of walkers with attitude (some of them) on MTB trails- also Modders, Cradle Moon (bad), Wolwespruit, Red Barn, etc Seems these land owners make more money from walkers who walk less distance than MTBers ride, and who also spend maybe more money with more ppl at the restaurants etc I know Wolwe had politics and what happened there.
  13. I have very wide feet. Tried Specialized and Lake and Adidas which all are wide. I now only wear FiveTen which for me are the widest upfront and comfortable too and great shoes for MTB flats.
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