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  1. Guys thanks very much for the replies, I appreciate it. @L46 I actually have done those with the PT in the past, will ask to include more. @Jewbacca sounds like a great idea. as much as you are an enthusiast, and not a coach, I do appreciate the comments. Luckily I have a trail around the corner from my house in a golf course so I can ply my trade to my hearts content there before needing to 'upgrade'.
  2. I am so glad I found this thread! Have never been a trail runner so I would like some guided opinion/thoughts/advice from those with more knowledge that me. I was a road runner strictly. Helped me massively with health and weight loss. Typical story of a newbie at parkrun and how that progressed to half marathons. 2 half marathons in, I was diagnosed with lumbar spondylitis (similar to slipped disk but due to wear and tear/genetics) and unfortunately have not run for the last 2 years. I am having an epidural on Friday as my new treatment plan and I am hopeful that it will allow me to get back into running (even if I am limited to 5k/10k for the rest of my life, I would be immensely grateful). Now, what got me to think of trail running was a mate of mine has recently started it (after being an ultra road runner) and he eluded to me that trail could be better as your foot striking is most often different vs running the on tar, a quick google search somewhat confirms this. Basically what I am looking for is your opinion on trail running being better on the joints than road running, and what would you advise someone getting into trail running with no running base (fitness is relatively average. I attend strength, conditioning and endurance classes with a PT and cycle on the road often). I am not worried about speed at this point in time. TIA
  3. I am happily down to 98KG after being at a stalemate between 100 and 101 for 2 months! Cannot say how chuffed I am! But, I am actually more confused that ever. During the stalemate, I was uber strict on my discipline. Eventually I lost motivation and let the diet slide a bit (not hectic, just a bit) and then boom, woke up the next morning 3kg lighter? what gives!?πŸ˜‚
  4. Very clever. Let's hope it is enough to mitigate the risks. Are the employees of IM under the same scrutiny? i.e those that are helping facilitate the race?
  5. Very good to hear. Sorry, perhaps I should have mentioned that my chirp was just my opinion/reaction without knowing the facts.
  6. Good response from a company that would like to pay out as little refunds as possible. As much as they say it will still be on, they unfortunately don't have the authority to make that call.
  7. Wow!🀯 what an absolutely incredible feat to accomplish! Congratulations. This has potentially (read, definitely) made google a 'beginners guide to trail running'.πŸƒπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
  8. So April was not the best month for me, all though I am still down 1.5kg since 01/04. I will say this, my motivation to continue eating well is as close to 0 as possible I am tired of broccoli, carrots, greens, salads etc. (its not a flavour issue, I use a meal prep company and they make the food really well) I'm just tired overall with clean eating. I want a massive braai with all the trimmings, followed by lekker pudding and all the beer/whiskey I want on that day. Which actually led me to a conversation recently with a friend of my families (she's some type of physical therapist/bio/healthy wellness practitioner) and she said that taking a week off of all diet and exercise and then getting straight back into it is often good as it shocks the body out of a plateau. Now whilst extremely tempting, I am fearful (actually very petrified which I know isn't good) that it will cause a complete wreck to my progress and I will be further away from my goal. Can anyone share their thoughts on this?
  9. Honorable mention, and I am by no means a pro cyclist, just social, I got a pair of Ocean Eyewear photochromic glasses at sportsmans for about R600 a few months ago and love them. Being photochromic, the lenses tint automatically (win for me as I don't have to adjust or swop lenses all the time) and they work well enough from a wind protection point of view.
  10. And I'm sure if it was a case of affordability and the guy was very nice about the situation your group would have welcomed him with open arms! But when the guy has spent R2k+ on carbon fibre jock straps just to be quicker and still does it, he is nothing more than an afrikaans box.
  11. The only reason I can think of right now is that as a 'product' it is seen (not only by Vitality but also by product supplier and retailer) as an 'accessory' to device.
  12. I also struggle a lot with the bank rewards. Vitality? Yup, get healthy, makes sense. Insurance? Yup, drive better makes sense. Bank? Spend more, huh!?
  13. Not an expert by any means, but my first thoughts would be to check your bike set up. Best is to find a professional bike set up expert (cycle lab with their 'lazer guidance' still got mine wrong).
  14. Frosty's post above provides all the clarity we need. Also, where does it state that once you reach the max discount it resets to 0? EDIT: found it, saw on the link Frosty posted.
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