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  1. To add to this, I have many many friends across different sporting codes who are at the highest level, some retired SA sport legends, Having had many many convos with them, one of the biggest things is that every little step they take they are being watched and every decision they make gets scrutinized as there will always be those who support you aswell as those who are just out to be nasty and nitpick, and yes with the game comes the responsibility etc, but even after retiring they're still watched with everything they do, So often they may feel they aren't able to actually just live a full life!! I saw a comment on a post earlier by a sports scientist who hit the nail on the head in very few words, he said "The surprise is it that it was said, not that it happened", and this is so true. It's not a surprise to so many that people are suffering from mental issues, it's more a surprise that it's now being put out there more often than we have been used to in the past!!
  2. I think in todays day and age with the way society is, You may have said something in which you genuinely meant no sexism/harm/derogatory way but from the other side of the fence it can be construed as such, Similar to comments(i'm speaking in general) in which zero racism is meant but it can be construed as such and taken that way from a "victim" of genuine racism, another 1 which comes to mind is on another thread a gentleman asked if people who call Spez "Spez" could perhaps stop as it's derogatory and offensive to people with special needs as that's a "teasing word", It may be said with the utmost innocents with no malice intended as that's what many have called the brand for years and years, But those who perhaps suffer from some form of special need will take offence to it. Again, This comment is not aimed at you, just merely replying to the last comment on the thread and using your post as an example. in todays society many can walk around and be defnsive and say "ah there's too many snowflakes around" etc etc but that doesn't change the fact that more and more people are suffering because of the pressures they're put under.
  3. tbh I just don't think they care. When I watch videos about all the tech that goes into TT skinsuits, The stitching, the materials, the panels etc etc I can then understand why a rider would prefer to wear his own.
  4. So word from inside the camp is there has been a massive meeting because apparently contract were signed by all and in these contracts it stated something about social media posts etc, So most likely has been removed.
  5. And ofcourse what's a world sporting event without a little bit of "racism" thrown in to the mix..🐫 https://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/german-coach-apologises-for-racist-remarks-made-during-time-trial-at-tokyo-olympics
  6. Ahhhh plenty drama happening in the football camp don't you worry, Coaches almoast coming to blows where players had to step in, team talks taking place via whatsapp as they needed to stay apart, Players threatening to Boycott the night before the 1st game because of contracts which were promised which never came.. Ahhh it's lovely LOL
  7. I'd suggest to the place where they were actually designated to be? The track mechanic was not sent as the road mechanic aswell, So why would he be at the ITT events? The cycling code manager I can understand was at the ITT for Ashleigh aswell as Stefan.
  8. Yoh to lose to 6 men who were only 5 at one stage is proper disappointing.
  9. Yeah I see so after visiting the site again today. Seems like it won't be around much longer and looks like more of a clearance sale. I also saw ASG were having a 60% off closing sale.
  10. On a serious note(not that it really matters), There are some proper proper bargains on here, especially if you like Muc-Off. www.cyced.co.za (Previously Bikemob)
  11. on a serious note, I haven't even taken it out the box yet LOL, I also haven't ridden my bike for 2 weeks either.. And yours?
  12. A bit off topic, But i won a competition on Instagram(Yeah I also couldn't believe it) and I was contacted and asked for my address etc etc, The company sent the parcel via UPS, It literally took 7 days from Denmark to my doorstep which included a weekend, So 5 working days, From Denmark.
  13. Yeah MvDP did a full somersault before he even hit the ground so I'm thinking he dipped his front wheel expecting the ramp to be there, and well, it wasn't. The other guys all jumped it quite easily. So I do believe he didn't now it was no longer there, Whether he just forgot in the heat of the moment is another topic for discussion all together.
  14. Waiting on the complaints about the hip actions during celebrations.
  15. Watched a video now where Alan says it was 30degrees and 80% humidity out there on the course, at the start he was pushed left onto the grass and was placing 30 something, Also says it was extremely dusty so was tough at the start riding behind guys eating dust.
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