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  1. on Saturday I myself and a buddy were hooted at constantly(like the lady sat on her hooter for the entirety of the distance) as we were going down Spaanschemat, She literally stayed behind us from Tokai circle all the way to the entrance to the bike park, If my phone hadn't died I would've made a video, there were zero cars coming up from the other direction, in fact it was so bad the cars behind her were overtaking her that's how clear the road was, But get this, And this is a fact, she came next to us, took her hand off the hooter and asked why do we think we own the road that we can ride next to one another, when I pointed out that yes we were next to one another BUT we were both inside the bike lane, yes, both inside the bike lane very close to one another, She told me that still does not give us the right to ride side by side and I said ofcourse it does, perhaps she should stay 1.5m away if she wants to talk to us and take her eyes off the road, she then slowed down and continued to sit on her hooter, So myself and my buddy slowed down too to about 20km/h and so did she, could hear her car struggling in 2nd gear which was quite funny. she eventually sped off after we passed the bikepark entrance. Covid really is having an effect on people mentally it seems..
  2. Many riders weren't allowed to finish due to some ruling about a time cut which they weren't aware of.
  3. Check ASG online, They stocked the full range at their Paarl store before it closed down, Not sure if there is an ASG is JHB though.
  4. I get what you saying, But damn they going to need to go work in a bikeshop for a few months to get the description right as it was way off. Also another point for me when I check ads is of you can see the description is literally copied and pasted from a website yet the pics do not match, unless stated in the ad that changes have been made to the bike which differs from the description, I steer well clear.
  5. The price was something like R43 326 ot something, pretty bleak I never took a screenshot. The description was obviously copied and pasted from the Trek website of the top end Madone SLR9, Description had DA 9170, Bontrager xxx wheels etc etc. The pic posted had Ultegra di2, Enve wheels and a few other bits which never matched the description, Trucaller has the number tracked to Italy aswell. Admins moved quickly on this 1...
  6. To add to the above comment, the New DMT range is also very comfi(Not talking about the 7k top end knitted pair) and one of the best shoes I ever had were a pair of Shimano Sphyre. If you were looking at Specialized, You can't really compare the Sworks 7 to the Torch 3.0, the 7 wins hands down, But I currently have a pair of top end Sidi shoes and don't see myself changing brands again anytime soon unless I get another pair of Sphyres.
  7. Posted my comment, got a notification that admin had already removed the user.
  8. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/road-bikes/490022/2018-trek-segafredo-project-1-madone-9 Pics with Ultegra, Description DA. Description says Bontrager wheels, Pic has Enve wheels. The list continues. With that description it's well over a 150k bike being advertised for 43k?? Member for 50mins.. Apologies if im wrong but this reeks of scam... Well done admin, You moved quickly on that one.
  9. To add to this, I have many many friends across different sporting codes who are at the highest level, some retired SA sport legends, Having had many many convos with them, one of the biggest things is that every little step they take they are being watched and every decision they make gets scrutinized as there will always be those who support you aswell as those who are just out to be nasty and nitpick, and yes with the game comes the responsibility etc, but even after retiring they're still watched with everything they do, So often they may feel they aren't able to actually just live a full life!! I saw a comment on a post earlier by a sports scientist who hit the nail on the head in very few words, he said "The surprise is it that it was said, not that it happened", and this is so true. It's not a surprise to so many that people are suffering from mental issues, it's more a surprise that it's now being put out there more often than we have been used to in the past!!
  10. I think in todays day and age with the way society is, You may have said something in which you genuinely meant no sexism/harm/derogatory way but from the other side of the fence it can be construed as such, Similar to comments(i'm speaking in general) in which zero racism is meant but it can be construed as such and taken that way from a "victim" of genuine racism, another 1 which comes to mind is on another thread a gentleman asked if people who call Spez "Spez" could perhaps stop as it's derogatory and offensive to people with special needs as that's a "teasing word", It may be said with the utmost innocents with no malice intended as that's what many have called the brand for years and years, But those who perhaps suffer from some form of special need will take offence to it. Again, This comment is not aimed at you, just merely replying to the last comment on the thread and using your post as an example. in todays society many can walk around and be defnsive and say "ah there's too many snowflakes around" etc etc but that doesn't change the fact that more and more people are suffering because of the pressures they're put under.
  11. Yeah but i See his tweet was removed.
  12. tbh I just don't think they care. When I watch videos about all the tech that goes into TT skinsuits, The stitching, the materials, the panels etc etc I can then understand why a rider would prefer to wear his own.
  13. Yeah been brought up a page or so back.
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