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  1. Yup, I've never seen anything that comes close to resembling brown on any black Pyga. Not referring to photos...
  2. Cool, I'll take a pic of mine if you want? I don't have any pics on me at the moment...
  3. Mine is a black stage max. They call it raw carbon....so more like matt than satin. Definitely doesn't have a high shine. 2018 model.
  4. Battery on the app showing approx. 80% full. Garmin saying about the same and derailleur light still on green. 17hrs of riding....
  5. Let the pressure out the rear shock so its sagging....
  6. Only done approx 100km so far. Tested on all sorts of terrain. Flawless and crisp!! Couldn't be happier....
  7. Just got my new toy and busy fitting it now. Dead easy to do and set up. Even comes with a multi tool and Sram drinks coaster so it must work well Don't intend hitting it with a rubber mallet though......
  8. EmptyB

    The Classics

    Brilliant, thanks for the heads up. About bloody time!! I've been mailing them and went on my own little campaign on how slack they have been with coverage compared to previous years. Maybe my twitter "abuse" helped a bit
  9. Never had a problem with Dirt Nurse....now use Ecologic. Never had issues with Sunlight soap
  10. Just about every bike part gets called a "thingy" at some stage....
  11. Agreed.....100% failure rate on emails
  12. I ride there quite a bit during the week. Very very quiet...bliss. Yesterday I did the full MTB trail and a few extra bits. Saw about 3 other riders
  13. You'll love it...the views at night are spectacular if you lucky with clear weather. 30% of the Munga....Nice quick one!
  14. Best event I've done in terms of awesome route, scenery and water points. Vibe is amazing!! The climbing is relentless so I trained for that by doing quite a few rides of 2000m climbing and more. Worked for me.... Not necessary to spend too long at water points, i over did that based on advice I was given. Really wasn't needed.
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