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  1. Armstrong v CIR, Ovenstone v SIR or SIR v Rosen would presumably be one of the cases you are thinking of. OPs situation would draw from the Geldenhuys case and the fact that he has not received this amount for his own benefit.
  2. OP, there is a system. Its called the 1000 post count. Don't do business with anyone until they have a 1000 posts. I'm not surprised the buyer in your scenario is hesitant
  4. Well he is currently under contract with Katusha so that could explain away the Canyon
  5. This is the quality content I subscribe to Bikehub Premium for.
  6. Elite mens: Mathieu van der Poel Niki Terpstra Bauke Mollema Dylan van Baarle Mike Teunissen Sebastian Langeveld Jos van Emden Pieter Weening Elite Mens TT Dylan van Baarle Jos van Emden Elite Womens Anna van der Breggen Chantal Blaak Lucinda Brand Amy Pieters Floortje Mackaij Annemiek van Vleuten Demi Vollering Marianne Vos Elite Womens TT Annemiek van Vleuten Anna van der Breggen Lucinda Brand Mixed Relay TTT Amy Pieters Lucinda Brand Riejanne Markus Jos van Emden Koen Bouwman Bauke Mollema
  7. Does Willie have a contract for next season? I thought he signed with Katusha on a two year deal and I don't remember reading about an extension
  8. Cav to switch and take his two pals with him. Bahrain Merida.
  9. Squib I recently learnt it is damp squib, not squid. I know this, because Shaun Pollock recently said "damp squid" on air and r/cricket lost its collective ******* mind.
  10. There is big in-fighting amongst Newcastle fans this summer. Some calling for a full boycott of Mike Ashley and Mike Ashley assets, others rallying around a "Support the team, not the regime" motion. Sunday is gonna be interesting. Really hoping for a not-packed house against Arsenal. But Top-6 team means its likely to be 52k in the stadium. Disappointing.
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