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  1. Let us once again raise our glasses in the general direction of Prince Albert. Saluut!
  2. Elands Valley via the Tranquilitas Rim on Saturday.
  3. Some Elands Valley exploration east of Tranquilitas (Wonderland area and beyond):
  4. I've been riding a Chisel since 2018. Great bike! The new frames look very nice indeed.
  5. "Flats forever." - Sam Hill https://dirtmountainbike.com/features/flat-pedals-endangered-species.html
  6. Was out the gate at 6am sharp. Stunning day here in Boven... Got home at 08:59 <cough>
  7. Slaaihoek road on the way to Tranquilitas. Even had a Sappi logging truck driver stop to prevent him from covering me in dust, what a nice chap.
  8. Having experienced and solved the maddening clicking sound several times: Does it click when you stand up out of the saddle? If not, it's likely your seatpost/saddle. Remove and clean seatpost and clamp. Add a smidgen (microns, as said by morneS555 above) of carbon grease on the section that goes into the seatstay. Re-assemble and test. If yes, it could possible be a dry rear (through) axle. Take out the axle, clean it, and apply just a smidge of grease. Re-assemble and test. Good luck.
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