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  1. It ain't gonna happen until just as in some of the other sporting disciplines, the cycling fraternity stands together and takes them on .
  2. Specialized Sawtooth 42 c - Tubliss ready - little pricey though
  3. If there are any riders out there whom have been suspended or fined for riding in non sanctioned events and would be looking at taking CSA head on - I am prepared to do the following: 1) Pay for the first consultation with a legal team that has experience and success regarding this matter. 2) Contribute R20K to a legal fund,
  4. Spot on - CSA does not have exclusive rights to cycling events in SA.
  5. They can't do anything about it.
  6. 1 arrived from the States last week. Haven't used it yet. Got tired of waiting for the local distributor.
  7. Giant Toughroad comes with a carbon fork that takes panniers, so I assume there must be others as well.The steerers .aluminium though.
  8. The UCI rule cannot override the Constitution of South Africa which allows for freedom of association amongst others. The suspension or fining of riders for competing in unsanctioned events is illegal.
  9. https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/crank-brothers-eggbeater-11-pedals These please
  10. 2002 Giant Warp upgraded. Xt 11sp, Lynne crankset, Manitou Marvel 120mm front fork, Rapide wheelset,26"rear,650bfront, rear shock rebuilt by Haywood Suspension.
  11. Thanks . I took a variety of different greases, subjected them to high heat, periods of soaking in different solvents such as petrol, paraffin and Prepsol. Red Rubber grease came out tops by a long margin. I have now been using it for years on steering head and suspension bearings on both bicycles and motorbikes and on Crankbrothers pedals. In certain instances the life span on bearings has been increased by years. Will get a tube of the CRC stuff and subject it to the same.
  12. Spot on for repacking your bearings with marine grease which is obviously more resistant to water and solvents which I feel is the greatest cause of bearing failure - out of interest, what brand of grease are you using - would like to test it against what I am using.
  13. It wasn't only in Motorsport that breakaway groups formed, but if my memory serves me correct, power and inflatable boat racing, either karate or judo and then the debacle around athletics. The good that came from the shake up in Motorsport. 1) The rot at the top resigned and the then CEO eventually faced criminal charges. 2)The Constitution reigned supreme in regards to freedom of choice, association and other factors. In other words,competitors could not be banned, fined or suspended for competing in non MSA sanctioned events. 3)MSA became a more streamlined organisation 4)Today as a motorcycle competitor you can compete in MSA events, Womza events, Foot Up Trials which now operates completely independently from the 2 main organisations, Mielie field racing and charity events - without any fear of repercussions - which is the way it should be. .
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