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  1. If your Hub PP is the same as your Strava PP we went over Vissershok together and I ride Cat2 at the WP league. I reckon Cat2 would of climbed up there at the same pace we did.
  2. OneLove

    PPA winning times

    The group limit for B is 20.00
  3. I was hoping we could catch B(might of been a bad idea) but after 40k I figured it wasnt gonna happen, was a real fun morning though I was on the turquoise Swift we really just just missed that crash #eina
  4. OneLove

    2019 Amashova

    Lol this was a lot of fun, we were really driving it up those last few climbs, I was on the blue/turquoise Swift.
  5. When we completed a stage we got bottled water lol... fancy
  6. I think we resolved your issue and I agree with you... A bakkie with water for all those that get dropped on the longer courses would be the solution.
  7. I don't think its really that old school. I did one WP event this year which was the 4 day tour last month and I had A blast, didn't feel like an outsider at all.
  8. Right at the last yes, the D guys were still there at the 3km to go mark.
  9. At a first glance I almost thought we going down Halt road..????
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