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  1. Hi Guys, Picked up a nearly/new pair of black medium sized TB Gloves from Die Burgher car park when leaving this morning. Anyone lose them?????? Let me know. Dee
  2. Hi, Its yours If you give me your email address I'll send you the permission letter. You can register on the following dates at either: Thursday, 30 July (Dirtopia Trail Centre, R44, Stellenbosch): 12:00-18:30 Friday, 31 July (Sports Science Institute Conference Centre, Newlands): 12h00 - 18h30 Saturday, 01 August (Eikestad Primary School, Stellenbosch): 09h00 - 13h00 Dee capeaim@vodamail.co.za 072 583 2990
  3. Hi, Die Burger, 2nd Aug 30km free ticket available due to orginal rider recently & unexpectedly undergoing spinal surgery. Please let me know if anyone wants to take the ticket over. I will provide a permission letter to enable you to register in your own name.
  4. Hi Guys, Just wanted to let all you Tokai forest riders know there's a new mountain bike coffee hang out in Steenberg Village. We found it the other day (its only been open since 11th July but awesome stop off place on cycle route to and from the forest.
  5. Please let me know if you've lost a pair of 'JT Racing USA Life Line MX gloves up at Tokai. I've picked them up so call me to identify. Dee 072 583 2990.
  6. I can't say any of the organisation was bad. It was quite confusing with runners & cyclists coming from both sides on their finishes. A friend of mine said she cried on the 28km saying it was gruelling and someone else said a lot of people had to get off and walk on some of the major rocky downhills.
  7. Does anyone know where we get the official times from for Mereendal??
  8. Ouch, for you Pro guys, yeah, the false start must have been a real mess up. I on the other hand (having done the 30km Die Burgher) last week, was expecting a nice chilled 15km race today. Ummmmm Mereendals 15km was the hardest race i've ever done, 80%+ uphill with serpentine down hills and I even (like so many other 15's) had to get off and push my bike up the hills. Most definitely hard work today!!!!! Despite this, I enjoyed the day but agree if I'd be caught in the false start, i'd have been very miffed.
  9. To the garden for cleaning and poof up after yesterday
  10. wow found my time: 02:24:01. very happy with that. http://www.trailtag.co.za/
  11. oh and how long before I can find the times on the web????
  12. I managed to complete my little 30km Die Burgher challenge today somewhere around 2hrs. Absolutely loved it, felt bit tired half way through (never ridden 30kms amoungst others before) but found the course to be very manageable. Up hills quite a challenge but Tokai has got me used to plugging on until reaching the top. I also Managed to hit my highest downhill speed and due to lack of technical routes never actually fell off, but did have to stop when on two separate occassions someone either fell off or stopped directly infront of me. All in all, a fantastic experience.
  13. Wow Karka, that must have been devastating!!!!
  14. Yeah Domestique, your right, I never realised how much i'd pushed myself (obviously wasn't ready for mast stint) so all in all its taken nearly 3 weeks to get over. Today I ache in my back from yesterday but am being sensible now and giving myself 2 days off ready for Sats 30km (which will be the furthest i've ever ridden). Thanks for the support
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