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  1. Mini pumps? http://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/lezyne-pump-sport-drive-hp Or how about free delivery?
  2. When all your Christmas shopping gets done at a cycle shop http://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/lezyne-pump-sport-drive-hp
  3. Time for some fancy bar tape http://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/silicone-bar-tape going retro green for next year!
  4. DaviM

    Berg and Bush 2015

    Condolences to the family! The heat is never something to mess around with in endurance sports.
  5. DaviM

    West Coast Express

    A bit chaotic collecting numbers... Only jumped off in P group but was a great experience coming from the back. Took us 1:57 thanks to some other late B and C riders. Group of 5 worked like trojans a pleasure to ride with! Looking forward to a longer one this weekend ;-)
  6. My team normally packs tail lights and headlights at the bottom of Bergplaas encase of emergence. Then big lights at the top. I got to the top last year around 8 just just after it got dark and did a 13 hour total. Hopefully this year we can descend while the sun is up
  7. So sad i missed out on all the fun. At least i did well in the velo leagues. Well done to all the winners some awesome prizes!
  8. Sagan and Valverde. That Spaniard has guts!
  9. Damn wish i had caught wind of this earlier. Killing the fantasy leagues at the moment :-/
  10. So sad I missed this one! Anyone got a 60km entry up for grabs?
  11. Buy a good soft tail frame with cheaper components and upgrade components later. Check out carbon29er for a specific build you choose.
  12. I replaced my stans hub bearings (back and front) that were enduro brand with cheap NBK bearing from bearing man. Over 800km later no problems, tapped them in with a spark plug tool no problem. Did the same job with my road bike still running perfectly. Honestly sounds like luck of the draw....
  13. limited colours though, cant wait for new stock. I have the black and green on my supersix looks awesome!
  14. How does a road bike fit into those wide wheel mounts?
  15. Awesome product just finding it is a problem. Love the duel colour option!
  16. DaviM

    Gravel and Grape

    Awesome event! Exceptionally well marked, and well stocked water points. Hope Goudini can host more riders next year, im sure this event is going to grow big time! I will be back with more riders!
  17. As previously stated support driver not required (but you do get an extra shirt regardless if they are there or not). There was something mentioned in our last mail. • Vehicles WILL NOT be allowed to park in Checkpoint #5. • Vehicles WILL BE allowed to park in Checkpoint #6. Seems that warehouse got pretty hectic last year. As for supplies all stops are over catered and any specialist supplies can be placed in the boxes supplied. Very excited to be fit for this race this year ;-)
  18. DaviM

    Gravel and Grape

    Hi guys, has anyone got hold of kmz's like the images on the website? Perhaps also location of waterpoints? Need to pack supplies and see where im likely to die
  19. One simple thing you could try is to ride with almost nothing in you back pockets, i find that the pressure on the nerves triggers big time lower back pain for me. So ride with something then take it out and see if it gets better. Otherwise maybe grinding a gear puts pressure on the lower back., so spin a bit more. Good luck any pain a bike sucks!
  20. now to find another new frame... At least we wont have to worry about wearing out our carbon rims
  21. Love the classics! The strongest man on the day almost always wins. Valverde is getting in a serious amount of racing days, pity he didn't have the kick at the end. But well done Stybar!
  22. I will be following the hub thoroughly hoping for race day write ups. Good luck and enjoy
  23. The Stellenbosch (Burger)was a nightmare with the short intervals between groups.Ended up with groups so big we couldn't get to the front after catching a group. Hope thats not the case in the Cycle tour although we do have full road closure which should help.
  24. I use Indiwe insurance bike specified under household goods. Claimed for a cracked carbon frame after a crash. Got paid out after about a week no hassles. Premium went up so i shopped around but decided that its better to stick with what you know works...
  25. Well the important question with all this new seeding is which group will be the last one to get that sub 3? My start is 6:29 1D fingers crossed!
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