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  1. I cancelled my accomodation on booking.com. Hassle and cost free. Never entered both mtb and road events, so that saves me in the end. Dont expect any events to be pulled off this year....💋 this events year goodbye.
  2. Shocking stuff! The question then begs, what preventative measures can one adopt to prevent this from happening? E.g.is there is a wrapping type solution available??
  3. Unfortunately not, I had my Bianchi built up through John o Conner when he still worked in Durbanville for that other outfit and I thought my listing of the stolen bike is still on the hub. This happened more than 10 years ago, it was a foreign outfit that operated in the area and the bike was just over a month old. Delayed having insurance done on the bike, learnt a lesson and bike was never to be seen again. It most probably found its way to Malawi, famous for stolen bikes, just like my friend who most recently had his Colnago stolen. His bike appeared on FB market place in a town famous for all sorts of stolen goods. Even with the his efforts of engaging with the local bicycle organizations they could not retrieve the bike. In fact the dude that was selling the bike wanted more for the bike once he found out the owner was looking to have the bike returned. He had his bike insured but because there was no forced entry into his car the insurance declined to pay the bike but out of goodwill returned all his premiums paid. So, its not a good feeling and you sort of get muddle up in all sorts of theories when the deed is done. After a while clarity sets in, acceptance happens and you move on.
  4. Shame man, its a k@k feeling if your bike is stolen. I have been down that road.
  5. Ok, after all the deliberations, I decided to purchase a 11 speed shifter, use my spare 11 speed cassette on existing LC 11 speed derailleur and bobs your uncle. No more problems and this is now an upgrade from where I was. I have a 10 speed 11-50 cassette for sale if anyone interested. Pm me.
  6. Very good price. I bought one for over R10k on special. Edit: I bought EQ 6 plus S 500 beginng of year
  7. Will look into this as a solution. Thanks.
  8. Okay, I can see there is angst amongst certain hubbers on whether this 11-52 10 speed exists or not. I must confess, I got the numbers mixed up with the FS bike and what I have is a 11-50. See pic of box it came in and its an import jobbie. http://imgur.com/a/CjRkM4b
  9. yes it will work with a smaller cassette ratio...no disputing that but not with the ratio I have, hence the request for a LCRD.
  10. The size of my cassette is the issue...that's why it does not work as it supposed to.
  11. Problem is I cannot find a 10speed LCRD, maybe someone else can direct me to a place where it is being sold. So I will continue to search. The bike is used for quick rides and hence I do not necessarily want to spend in terms of conversion but maybe I should consider this route given the fact I have a 11 speed LCRD already. If I purchase the 11speed shifters would I need change anything else on the bike as well and will the current 10s cassette work with that combination you think? The limitations you expressed is what I am currently experiencing and hence I need to find an alternate solution.
  12. I have a 10 speed GS that I am using on this bike and you never used your 11 speed RD on a 10 speed to prove it can work. I currency have a 11 speed LCRD and I am struggling to have it shift to the top cog as one of the problems, hence my request for any tweaks or if any other solution is available.
  13. Hi guys, I am struggling to source a SRAM 10 speed Long Cage rear derailleur to drive my 11-52 cassette on my Cannondale HT. I was wondering would a 11 speed long cage SRAM or Shimano RD, able work this big cog? Or, could another make such as a Shimano 10 speed LGRD work equally well or not? Either or, what modifications if any would one need to make in order for this to work? Any guidance will be appreciated.
  14. Powerbar[emoji108]overpriced yes but u pay for quality.
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