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  1. try the local bearing man, take it with you for them to look at
  2. probably get better results dropping a caffeine tablet pre workout...
  3. Well GPS signal is emitted 24/7 all over the globe since the 80's, so if it was that signal it would have been researched by now. The receivers just read signal(which is a time measurement) and calculate a location from it. So it is not the GPS Signal. The Curve itself transmits that location to a central server via gsm/cellphone network, again not even 5g causes stuff like this(sorry anti vaxxers). The reality is that you probably put your cellphone in your front pocket right on your hip. Given that your phone has the exact same technology and signal in/outputs and sits even closer to you hip means that it is just a coincidental feeling you are having while cycling. The counter to this is that it could be the particular route, a slight variance in temp or tyre pressure that is causing the pain. Maybe without your gps tracker you didn't ride as far etc. It is easy to blame tech when you don't understand it. Chances are it is something far simpler causing the issue.
  4. the other thing is the commercial value on having someone walk through the store door when dropping off/collecting a bike. Think back to the last 5 times you collected a bike from a service. How many times did you end up buying something extra on the way out? Bottles, tubes, bombs, lube, gloves, socks, energy drink etc. You lose a fair few sales by dropping something off or servicing on site.
  5. In My Opinion; The Van will need to carry a massive amount of spares. If you take 1 full set of spares for the shimano/sram - mtb, road, downhill, enduro and gravel. Then the same with tires, brake pads, grips, pedals etc. This is before you start stocking bearings, and other replacement parts. You will also need a full cleaning facility because people are stupid and at least 1 customer a week will have a filthy bike. Carrying water, hoses, dirty water storage and not messing the above mentioned driveway is a mission. You will also always be under pressure on site in a rush to get it done. For me rather send someone to collect it. Take the day, source the parts(instead of stocking it all), have a good coffee while you work with space and comfort so that when you send a driver to drop it off. The bike has been sorted thoroughly.
  6. wouldn't touch a 2nd hand helmet with a barge pole. Not many shops have a no return policy on helmets because one drop and the polystyrene can be creased or a micro crack in the shell. fixed
  7. here is an interesting one to derail the topic. There are more news articles about people in ICU for overdosing with Animal Ivermectin than there have been people in ICU for vaccine reactions...
  8. I honestly don't see how people can see this as an ethical ok. People getting IV drips for hangovers and stuff is questionable in my mind, let alone a bit of a booster for training purposes. I have had a drip mid race before. I was happy to be excluded from the results. 30km into the 60km run I was throwing up everything, crossed the line with clouded vision, stumbling, totally dehydrated unable to get anything into my body. With a 120km mtb ride the following day I was all too happy to get a drip. 2 hours later and I was back up and running, hydrated, able to eat again and I was fastest on the mtb leg the next day (even though it didn't count). So I know exactly how good a drip can be. To me, unless a medical doctor is telling you that you definitely need one. It is pretty much doping.
  9. and yet it is still cheaper to fly to Kirgizstan and race silk road... Bru, 200 milers don't count if you haven't run a Comrades, we all know that. Not all motorsport, take how much Audi and the likes learned at le mans going to fuel efficient diesel hybrids. For me that is not all a waste as a lot of that tech is transferrable to the open market. That tech can go into cleaner trucks
  10. otherwise try AMT composites, they quick to deliver from online store
  11. #firstworldproblems They are socks, if the skin that interacts with your shoe is covered then they are fine, in fact any material that is not directly between shoe and foot is excess and extra weight carried for no reason. You can even cycle without them and survive...
  12. you can always go big and feed your data into a BI platform with a few clever forecasting/regression models...
  13. https://www.surviveoutdoorslonger.com/survive-outdoors-longer-escape-bivvy.html 247km, 2 days of 120km is easy. If you take a proper bivvy, then you don't need a tent, or sleeping bag, you can add a silk liner for comfort and just sleep on the ground or find a grassy spot. If you doing 120km a day it is only 1 night.
  14. you get the smaller lighter ones that literally support your torso area only, makes a good compromise for a night out.
  15. We did Iterra adventure race in 2019, the first cycle leg was pretty much coast to coast from Glenmorangie distillery to Elphin, the 2nd bike was from Kinlochewe to Morvich to run the 5 sisters. So I know exactly what you talking about. No massive altitude but you can get up from sea level to 1000m in less than 4km in some places...
  16. given that the highest point on the mud island is a few hundred meters lower than the Randburg average- must be going faster there...
  17. do yourself a favor, before winter hits. Head North and ride Bealach na Ba. Cycle over to Applecross and back over the pass...
  18. Honestly my 2c on this.... If you riding for the sake of epic trails and views, then you really don't need an event. Infact you are just wasting money. Book a week at a destination trail area and go ride with friends rather and enjoy it. If you want an ultra challenge then yes a longer tough event will be good, a lot of those are smaller and still happening. The counter to that is that they are so over priced here it is a joke. Pre covid it was cheaper to fly to Morocco to do a 1000km bikepacking race and fly home than it was to just enter the equivalent event locally. Which then makes you think- ok lets bikepack from oliviershoek to Underberg and enjoy it for 1/100th of the price and no it will not get cancelled.
  19. 4 abreast takes more than a lane, 2 abreast and 4 deep is a more accurate description. The fact they couldn't even fact check their title when they have video evidence shows you the lack of quality in the journalism.
  20. Ya on the gravel roads in the platteland there is no real aggression either. My ride on the weekend the only interaction with a car was a farmer asking me if I was lost and offering me water. mind blown... We wonder why the next generation of drivers are going to be useless, impatient, aggressive and generally bad drivers. Then you look at a school drop off zone and realise this is the exposure the next generation drivers are getting and all they know. The only worse thing is that we have had a generation of new drivers who have grown up in mini bus taxis. So through no fault of their own they have only been exposed to marginal driving. Now they are learning to drive for themselves and this is the exposure they base decisions off. Not a person's wrong doing, but rather a product of the socio economical imbalance. People in general are rubbish. We need less people and more dogs on this planet... Too true...
  21. you know how many american stores flat out refuse to send stuff to SA, even with private courier. Just because of how slow/unreliable customs and what not is. Had it with boat parts last year. Just a plain no. Even with the most expensive trackable shipping option they refused.
  22. Would happily replace the swim with a surfski though.
  23. Sometimes it is also a curse, with the expectation of performance
  24. That swim would be a beast. Considering all things iconic, it would make for an epic day out. Rough end with that run but well worth it. Could easily make our version of Norseman/swedeman/celtman.
  25. It is very interesting, my take on the whole NZ rugby thing is they are on average better runners. So they play more rugby in 80mins compared to the rest. McCaw at Godzone adventure this year was an absolute beast, even taking on navigation responsibility. I am willing to bet money that not one of the saffer rugby players with 3 years prep would be racing at that level. If you can make a steal at 1 in every 3 rucks you get to. Then by getting to double the rucks you make double the steals. Killian Jornet not only a champion runner but also a champion Ski Mountaineer. Nasser Al-Attiyah- Won Dakar rally but also has an Olympic bronze medal for skeet shooting.
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