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  1. Hi All, I am the guy with the new Cannondale they smashed on the head. Subsequent to the attack I have heard of multiple attacks in the Riversands area with 1 stabbing. It seems to be the same perps or group, a week ago a lone cyclist was jacked by 2 guys matching the description out towards Summit road. Avoid the area unless in very large groups!
  2. Thumper


    Evening gents, Due to a very unfortunate event I have 1 X team entry up for grabs. R 4000 plus whatever the team change fees are. If you are keen drop me a message - rolfmweber@gmail.com
  3. @ Patches you are on fire today bud!!! ROFLMAO!
  4. Did it with my Old Merida am 5000. It’s pretty easy but you'll need a few bits and pieces. As for a chain tensioner any old derailleur will do, I used an old LX I dug up somewhere. At the front I suggest a proper downhill chain guide (e thirteen or similar). You could try get away with an old front derailleur set very low but if you’re serious spend the bucks. If you know a mechanic try steal some old bits to keep the costs down. Think me cost me R500 for the front chain guide.
  5. Dont forget Booties to keep your toes toasty!
  6. You can't continue on the spruit but its easy enough to switch to witkoppen, right onto main, left through Baleuigh and you're there.
  7. 360 life ... you boys are smoking your socks! Everybody is racing for second place behind Susi and Burry ... come to think of it make that third behind Stockli Pro aswell!
  8. I regularly hit 100KMPH on my MTB! Does this mean I should stop riding when it rains?
  9. Thats very pretty indeed. You should try wrestle the pink race face crank off the boys a FPC in paulshoff. Would look sick!!
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